Top 10 Destructathon Fight Songs…

As skiers get jazzed up for the Destructathon, Windbriefs has compiled a list of the top 10 psych-up songs for the punishing climb up the Hill of Death!  The key to a successful race is to get these tunes in your head at the right time!

10.  The Day that Never ComesMetallica… You have been anxiously awaiting the start of this race for weeks, and now your time is due!

9.  A Gunshot to the Head of Trepidation. Trivium… You can no longer back out of this race, you must man up and go!

8. Fight Fire with FireMetallica… as the competition attacks on the first climb, you have to respond or be left behind.

7. Anything by Great WhiteGreat White… Either this gets you really pumped (Moffett) or it is the annoying song you cannot get out of your head that makes this race even more painful.

6.  Fast JunkieOverkill… as you hit the flats of Donoghue Road.  Your legs start to recover and you feel the addictive joy of going fast again!

5. Lords of DestructionBlack Label Society… Where is Maz, anyway? Why didn’t he show up?

4. Angel of DeathSlayer… The pain is unbearable “praying for the end of your wide-awake nightmare!”

3. Creeping DeathMetallica… as you struggle up the last pitch of the climb, your stride grinds down to a crawl, and you hear the ominous chant of “Die, Die, Die…”

2. Endless ArmageddonToxic Holocaust… when will this f&%n climb end???

1. WalkPantera… this is about all you can do at the finish.  RE-SPECT


Destructathon Should Be Death Magnetic!!


Skiers across the Northeast are bracing for the onslaught of the Destructathon: An Overdose of Death.  Scheduled to appear are skiers from the Peru Nordic Masters and their arch-arch-arch nemesissses, Saratoga Biathlon and Team NJS.  Skiers will tackle the 10 k course at 11 am.  It starts at the recently acquired Kobaken Openair Stadium at 418 River road.  It climbs up River Rd to the Donoghue Road.  There a long flat stretch gives skiers a break before turning on to Reservoir Road.  Reservoir road climbs steadily until it reaches the infamous HILL OF DEATH were it pitches up at a demonic 66.6 degree incline!!!

The Destructathon Course... Ski and Destroy
The Destructathon Course... Ski and Destroy

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