Paul Allison… 2016 NYSSRA World Champion and 2016 Peru National Champion!

The relay start… Paul is to the right, contemplating the momentous achievements that are about to  be bestowed upon him…

The Pall-bearer of Panic!

That’s not Paul, but Jan is a F’n EVIL Skiing MoFo!!!

Paul Allison absolutely demolished the field today and won both the NYSSRA world championship and the more prestigious Peru Nordic National Championship!!!

And celebrations were enjoyed by all… Skaal!

There was a strong showing by the Nordiques this weekend, alas, we still finished in second to HURT Nordic for the Club Championship.

Photo on 2-28-16 at 2.44 PM #2
This is random….

Maybe next year there will actually be snow!


Cookie Clash 2016… Cancelled. Just wait ’til next year!

In case you haven’t already heard the news, the New York Jets of Ski Races, the Cookie Clash, is on hiatus until 2017.  Logistical issues and lack of snow have forced this race to take a year off (think of it as a “diet,” you know, some time away from eating all of those cookies)

If winter gets it’s act together, the Saranac Lake Winter Carnival XC race will be at Dewey on Sunday morning instead of the Clash (again, this race is up in the air and is snow dependent… at least it’s forecast to be bitter cold).

ESWGs and Super Sunday!

Racing at the Jumps… our version of Holmenkollen

The Empire State Winter Games did not disappoint!  Although the venue was changed to the ski jumps because of lack of snow, the courses and the crew at the jumps (coming over from MVH) did an awesome job of running a great event. “At times it felt like we were skiing at Holmenkollen… and I felt like Therese Johaug,” said Chris “Hand of Doom” Rose.

Night time at the jumps… FAST!

On Friday night, under the lights, the ESWG Sprint Prologue took place.  “Perhaps the toughest 3.666 minutes of racing I’ve ever done!” said Jim “Harvester of Sorrow” Kobak.

Brian “Bronze Medal!” White won his first ESWG medal in the skate race… get used to it, Brian, you’re skiing with the Peru Nordic Masters! MEMFOS!

On Saturday, the distance race was shortened to 10km, or 4 laps of the brutal 2.5 km course.

Note: this is NOT panic waxing.  Conditions were very easy to wax… Universal Klister straight up!

On Sunday, the TourNADO finished with the 7.5km classic.   Peru Nordic took home a ton of medals over the weekend, including GOLD for Chris Rose (x4), Connie Prickett (x2), Kevin Prickett (x2), Chris Beattie (x4), Silver for Jim Kobak (x3) and Bronze for Ed Lis, Brian White (x2) and Dave F’n Burt.

Connie celebrates her Superbowl Victory!!!  “I’m gonna go home and drink some Budweiser Beers!”

Connie Pricket and Brian White did some spectacular skiing, and some spectacular Superbowl picking!  Both Nordiques went with the Broncos in the Big Game, and although Connie missed the MVP, she just about nailed the final score and captured her first FOAM FINGER, emblematic of Superbowl of Skiing supremacy!

The War Ensemble continues this week on Wednesday.  If the Ho opens it’ll be there, otherwise it’ll be at the Jumps.  Meet at 4:15ish for a 4:30 start (it’s staying light out later, you know).

In Spite of Mother Nature’s Recent Fumbles and Poor Clock Management, the Peru Nordic Superbowl of Skiing is ON!!!

The BIG GAME is Sunday, and as you prepare to demolish a plate of chicken wings and pound PBR’s on Sunday evening, don’t forget to take part in the annual Peru Nordic Superbowl of Skiing.

It’s simple, score points this weekend and enter them into the VHCS Supercomputer BEFORE kickoff on Sunday.  The winner gets the FINGER!

Mediocre Tour!

SAM_2633Forget about elite seniors and juniors racing around the Jumps, the real action in LP this past weekend was at the Peru Nordic Masters Mediocre-Tour at MVH.

Legions of not-good-enough for the supertour skiers showed up for the four-lap race.  Instead of spending thousands of $$ on USSA/NENSA Fees, these skiers invested in Mountain Brew and PBR, stayed out of the way of the “real” skiers and had an awesome race!

SAM_2626In the Mediocre-Tour, skiers had to ski four laps of the War Ensemble course, but each lap was determined by the mysterious VHCS “course dice.”  There was potential to race anywhere from 8km to 12km, depending on how well one rolled.   Oh, and of course, tennis balls played an important part as well.

SAM_2636Chris Rose and Jan Wellford battled for the top spot, but the big winner was Elizabeth Bouchard-Hall who finished ahead of 65% (NYS Regents Minimum Competency Standard) of the rest of the field and won the distinction of “most mediocre.”

SAM_2637Unfortunately, the Mediocre-Tour also brought in mediocre at best weather.  The early February thaw has crippled the skiing at MVH, but don’t worry, the VHCS marches on snow or no!



Snow Drought doesn’t stop the Black Train of Pain from Rollin’

This winter could go either way…

It’s been a disappointing winter to say the least… however, the Peru Nordic Masters managed to get in some quality racing over the weekend sticking to their mantra “if there’s snow, we’re gonna go!”

The track at Gore… Hundreds of High-schoolers! (but only 2 shorts over tights noticed on the day… a new record low)

On Saturday January 16 the Mini-Van of Evil, piloted by Stan Hatch, picked up a bunch of hardy Nordiques and delivered them to the Queensbury Glens Falls Invitational at Gore Mountain in North Creek (yes, it’s kind of  confusing).  Anyway, the folks at Gore were able to blow snow over a good 2 km course for the 6 km freestyle race.

Spider-Stan… M5M Champ!

Chris Rose paced the Nordiques, finishing with the 3rd fastest Masters’ time behind Adk Vauhti’s Matt Tornianen and HURT’s Dave Kvam.  Rose won the heavily contested M4M division, while Nordiques Jim Kobak and Brian White completed the sweep in that category.  Stan Hatch won the M5M, and Dave F’n BURT! won the M7M age class.

Old School!

On Sunday, a last minute (6:45 am, to be exact) decision was made to enter the USCSA Collegiate Race at the Paul Smith’s VIC at 9 am.  Quickly, the Nordiques accredited and matriculated into the Southeastern Clinton University of Medicine (SCUM) in order to be college-eligible and ready to go head-to-head with the likes of Clarkson University, Caselton College, Paul Smith’s College and UVMNSC .

It was “Dale of Norway Sweater”-cold at the Paul Smith’s race.  Luckily, Stan was prepared.

Chris Rose was the scramble leg and blistered into 5th place.  That’s where the team stayed as Kobak and Hatch also double-poled the 2km classic relay course on their skate skis.  The team was awarded with the age-adjusted participation award of Paul Smith’s Maple Syrup!

Extra VHCS points to the Paul Smith’s coaches for inviting us and letting us race… maybe next year we’ll get a photo with Kirsten’s eyes open.

The War Ensemble continues on Wednesday afternoon, and then more racing next weekend at Saratoga Biathlon Club… maybe?

Connie Prickett holds off challengers in Epic Tour de Ski Finale

The Champ!

Breaking News: Connie Prickett drinks the blood of the vanquished as she wins the 2016 Peru Nordic Tour de Ski!

Maswick took these guys on… anyone need new shoes or a fashionable handbag?

For the first time, the Tour de Ski Finale was run in pursuit style…  The first one across the line would drink from the Chalice!
Going into the finale, Connie Prickett had a precarious lead on the rest of the field.  Her biggest challenge appeared to be from Bob Maswick.  However, at the last minute, Bob pulled himself from the race, and potential Tour de Ski glory to pursue a career in alligator wrestling instead.
Other skiers followed based on their place behind the leader (using a complex algorithm calculated by the VHCS Supercomputer, of course)
Every skier skied two Laps… but, skiers had to roll the “Dice of Destiny” at least once during the race to see which course they would have to follow (yes, many skiers were introduced to new routing on Flatlander +, Flatlander X, ZigZag and/or East Mt Cutoff… believe me, it was hard to break old directional habits)

The 2015 and 2016 Champions… Who will sip from the Chalice next year?

Connie’s biggest challenge came from Jan Wellford.  Jan started three and a half minutes behind Connie, and with some fast skiing and savvy dice rolling, he was able to leapfrog almost the entire field and come with in meters of besting Prickett at the line.  Chris Rose, in spite of rolling “double ZigZag” managed to continue his dominant skiing and won the bronze medal.  Rose even had nice things to say about the VHCS supercomputer and thus was given a few “attitude adjustment” bonus points.  Last year’s Tour champion, Janet Findlay started 2:15 behind Connie and managed to charge into 5th place.  “I needed to roll a double Flatlander Plus to contend, and I got a ZigZag!”
Final Tour Standings
1. Connie Prickett  +0:00
2. Jan Wellford    +0:15
3. Chris Rose    +0:45
4. Kevin Prickett  +1:03
5. Janet Findlay  +1:07
6. Jim Kobak  +1:20
7. Brian White  +1:30:00
8. Rosanne Van Dorn  +1:30:01
9. Dave Hunter  +1:45
10. Chris Beattie  +1:50

12491811_1502911130012954_6397318897943825525_oComing up… The HURT Mega-Relay this Saturday… Look for the team of White, Kobak, Rose and Wellford to re-re-peat!!!

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