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March 2015 Delirium Tremens: Read My Fist

This is a German “Thrash and Roll” Band… catchy thrash tracks.

February 2015 Biotoxic Warfare: Lobotomized

Greek death/thrash with some killer tracks!

January 2015 Insanity Alert: Insanity Alert

These Austrian thrashers totally rip… ThrasH!  Glorious ThrasH!!!!

December 2014 Cancer Bats: Dead Set on Living

They call themselves a hardcore band, but they are definitely metal.  Catchy songs for sure and quickly becoming one of my favorites.

November 2014  Savage Messiah: The Fateful Dark

A great Power/Thrash Metal effort with catchy thrashy songs and soaring vocals.  Total Metal! Buy it

October 2014  Exodus: Blood In, Blood Out

Holy shit, more legendary thrashers putting out new legendary work.  Exodus have reuinited with Steve Zetro Souza which gives them back their unique sound.  This album is a blistering masterpiece, with Exodus’ relentless high-speed brutal riffs from start to finish.  Buy it Now!!

September 2014  Crisix  The Meanace

One word: ULTRA THRASH!… recently found these thrashers from Spain, and they are absolutely killer.    They have definitely honed the modern thrash vibe, trust me, if you like thrash, you’ll love these guys!  Buy it now ULTRA F#king THRASH!!!

August 2014  OverKill White Devil Armory

Fuckin’ OverKill!!! still at it after all these years… and this album fucking crushes!!!! Just saw them kill it at Heavy Montreal…. Holy Crap, you must buy this album Muthafucka!

July 2014 Enabler La Fin Absolute de Monde

Enabler is a thrash/punk band with a gritty sound.  Kind of like how Corrosion of Conformity is supposed to sound.  This is a killer record… Buy It!

June 2014 Eyehategod  Eyehategod

Southern groovy thrashy sludge, very Down-esque and very good! buy it

May 2014 Skull Fist Chasing the Dream

Straight-up Heavy Metal from Canada, Eh? These guys are definitely a throwback to the early 80s Metal Scene, but they have just enough thrashiness to really rip.  They are one of those infectious bands like Enforcer or Volture that have that NWOBHM sound down pat.  Buy it!

April 2014 Hatriot Dawn of the New Centurion

Steve Souza used to sing for Exodus during their heyday… well he’s re-created that classic Exodus Thrash vibe with this band.  This is their second album and it rips.  Fucking Thrash! buy it

March 2014 Behemoth The Satanist

Truly great black/death metal is brutal, haunting, crushing, disturbing and beautiful at the same time.  This album will stay with you and has a bizarre emotional quality.  Truly an artistic masterpiece.  Buy it

February 2014  Municipal Waste The Art of Partying

This album is a true crossover/thrash classic.  It has become the primary influence of SkitanicA, one of Nordic Skiing’s Loudest Bands.  Municipal Waste is gonna fuck you up!!!  Don’t be a poser, buy it now!

January 2014 Exarsis The Brutal State

Relentless fucking thrash… oh my god this if fucking good!!! Buy it!

December 2013 Blessed Curse  Blessed Curse

More quality THRASH!!! Check em out

November 2013:  Deathraiser Violent Aggression

This is old-school f*ckin’ thrash metal.  This is so f*ckin’ thrash that you will be f*ckin’ thrashed.  Thrash!!!  Check it out

October 2013: Exhumed Necrocracy

Excellent death metal that is really thrashy, very good… buy it!

September 2013: Debauchery Kings of Carnage

Somehow these German Death Metallers combine hard rock riffs with death metal.  It’s like Accept doing Death Metal…Hack Slash Kill!  BUY IT

August 2013: Death Mechanism Twenty-First Century

Another great thrash album, this time from Italy, vocals definitely have a Chuck Schundler Death vibe. Buy It!

July 2013: Huntress Starbound Beast

Traditional Straight-up Heavy Metal… see them on the 2013 MAYHEM Fest.  Buy it

June 2013:  Necrocurse Grip of the Dead

Quality blackened thrash metal.  Sounds like old Bathory Check it out!

May 2013: Metraya Machines of War

blistering thrash metal.  Technically an EP, but contains 5 absolutely crushing tracks.  Buy it

April 2013:  Iron Reagan: Worse than Dead

Crossover Thrash Metal… Just like the late 80’s!  Featuring the dude from Municipal Waste.  Buy it

March 2013:  Morbid Carnage: Merciless Conquest

Hungarian Death Thrash that sounds like an updated Destruction. Check ’em out


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