Join the Peru Nordic Masters…


 Must be a MASTER (over 30)




Must have listened to Metallica’s MASTER OF PUPPETS

Think you have what it takes?  Can you Ski Evil? Fill out the official Membership Application today and the Lord of Destruction will review your worthiness.


Remember, membership as a Skitanic Berserker in the Evil Empire has great responsibility… You Must Strictly Adhere to the Eleven Commandments:

And remember to “Train Like a Master”

we are not elite World Cup Skiers… we have careers and families and mortgages etc…

Keep training fun, and make it productive. Don’t feel like you have to meet a certain number of hours. Life happens. Just make sure to remind yourself of what the purpose of your workout is. If you are working out to get faster, go fast. If you are working out to develop endurance, go long and slow. If you feel you need to get stronger, go uphill.  And above all else…. SKI AND DESTROY!



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