Eleven Commandments


All Minions of the Skitanic Berzerkergang Must Adhere to the Eleven Commandments that were Delivered to the Van Ho Triple Threat by the Infernal Skitan from the summit of East Mountain. MEMFOS.

I.  Thou Shalt Train Hard and Race Harder
II. Thou Shalt Be METAL
III. Thou Shalt Always Turn it Up to Eleven
IV. Thou Shalt Embrace Klister Skiing
V. Thou Shalt Procure SWAG
VI. Thou Shalt Not Overcommit whilst Rollerskiing.
VII.  Thou Shalt Kneel Before the GOAT
VIII.  Thou Shalt Aspire to the VO2 Max of the BEAST
IX.  Thou Shalt Not Panic Wax
X. Thou Shalt Ski Evil
XI.  Thou Shalt Ski and Destroy!

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