Hey Harvester, What’s Up?

I am the Harvester of Sorrow.   I don’t know if you’ve noticed, but there’s not been much activity from me at the Evil Empire Blog recently, and not much ski activity from me either.  Well… the real truth is I am not that into racing right now.  Actually, I still like racing, I am not into training… I have been battling some physical, mental and emotional demons which have cut into my enthusiasm for the NYSSRA Scene.  I have been battling anxiety and depression over the last few years, and it has taken a lot out of me.  I have shifted most of my mojo to other outlets like artwork and music to help me deal with things.  As I work this out, I am still skiing, just stepping back from the race scene for a while.  I still LOVE skiing, in fact today I skied for a solid 2 hours on amazing conditions and it felt great!  I am planning to do the Loppet, and probably the NYSSRA Champs.  And of course I love the weekly get-togethers at Gauntlet Stadium.

Anyway,  I am confident the NORDIQUES will stay STRONG!!!!  We are still racing every Wednesday at Mt Van Ho! And conditions have been great.  NYSSRA races are still worthwhile and I hope enthusiasm within the Evil Empire remains high.   As I fade into the background for a while, look to the Hand of Doom to lead the charge.  He has been skiing strong, much stronger than I have, for the last few years, and his enthusiasm is still high.  I officially pass the torch to Chris Rose as official Evil Skitanic Uber-Overlord through the rest of this season.


Jim “Harvester of Sorrow” Kobak



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