Best in METAL 2016… The Soundtrack to the ski season!

It’s that time of year… snow has fallen.  The first race is under our belts.  War Ensembles are in full swing.  And, the Harvester of Sorrow reviews the best in METAL from the calendar year. Get this in your ipod and be ready to shred the snow. MEMFOS!

11.  Executive Disorder: Hail to the Chief

Finally, an historically accurate thrash/crossover/punk/metal band!  You want songs about presidents and American History?  Check out Executive Disorder (plus they feature Peru Nordic’s Harvester of Sorrow and Hand of Doom!)  Best Tracks: Thanks Obama, Exhuming Zachary Taylor, Great Bull Moose.

10.  Ringworm: Snake Church

Doomy blackened thrashy crust metal from Cleveland.  Rust-belt metal at it’s best. Best Tracks: Brotherhood of the Midnight Sun, Snake Church, Innocent Blood, Angel of War.

9.  METALLICA: Hardwired to Self Destruct

METALLICA is BACK!  I really like this album, although in typical New- Metallica fashion, the songs tend to be needlessly long.  However, they have produced some really good thrash songs and some new classics.  A strong return from the Mighty METALLICA. PS the Hand of Doom thinks they suck.. such a d*ck.  Best Tracks: Spit out the Bone, Hardwired, Atlas Rise, Moth to Flame.

8. Plot Sickens: Plot Sickens

A great crossover/thrash release from this Seattle-based band.  If this doesn’t bring you back to the golden age of crossover (a.k.a. the late 80’s) then you have no soul. It’ll stick in your craw and ruin your mind.  Best Tracks: Angels on the Cross, Cesspool of Sorrow, To the Fires,The Plot Sickens

7.  Megadeth: Dystopia

Another triumphant return-to-form album by Mustaine and co.  Heavy and thrashy and rockin’. Best Tracks:Dystopia, The Threat is Real, Lying in State.

6.  Exmortus: Ride Forth

Ripping Thrash Metal with incredible guitar histrionics. A truly impressive band that absolutely SHREDS!!! Saw them live twice in 2016 and I am still blown away.  Best Tracks:  Relentless, For the Horde, Speed of the Strike

5. Confused: Behind Closed Doors

Old-school thrash/crossover.  Sounds like what you always thought Suicidal Tendencies was supposed to sound like.  A great collection of hard, fast, unforgiving punk-crossover- thrash.  Best tracks: Jane had an Abortion, Violence, No More Wars

4. Amon Amarth: Jomsviking

Everyone’s favorite Swedish Death Metal band has released a concept album.  Guess what it’s about?  If you guessed “vikings” then you’re right!!! Best Tracks: First Kill, Raise your Horns, The Way of Vikings.

3. Nervosa: Agony

A female thrash power trio from Sao Paulo Brazil.  Nervosa truly rips.  Definitely heavily influenced by German thrash titans Destruction, these ladies deliver uncompromising brutality.    Best Tracks:  Hostages, Intolerance Means War, Arrogance

2. GOJIRA: Magma

The Mighty GOJIRA has returned with another super-heavy environmentally conscious take on Death Metal.   Yet, somehow their tracks are brutal with catchy hooks.  I mean holy sh*t, is there anything catchier than the riff to “Stranded?” Saw them at Metropolis in Montreal and they devastated the place.  Best Tracks: Silvera, Stranded, the Cell

1.TESTAMENT: Brotherhood of the Snake

TESTAMENT have delivered a smoking piece of in-your-face thrash metal of death of the world! This album is incredible from top to bottom.  Testament continues to sound fresh even while sounding the same (how does that work?) Best Tracks: The Pale King, Brotherhood of the Snake, Centuries of Suffering.

There you have it… 2016 was a great year for METAL. Looking forward to another face-melting sonic assault in 2017!!! SKI AND DESTROY


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