It’s Over! (wait… did it really even start????) Connie is your 2016 Viking Helmet Warrior World Champion

SAM_2956She did it!!! She showed up on the last day of the year!!!! SKIED AND DESTROYED!!!!!

SAM_2951It’s supposed to be 60° F on Wednesday and the only snow anywhere is at the Ski Jumps (and that’s only just because the USCSA Nationals will be there this week).  A hearty group of Peru Nordiques turned out for the annual Viking Helmet “Finale” on Sunday March 6.

SAM_2952The highlight of the day was Chris “Hand of Doom” Rose’s Nordic Feats of Strength Exhibition.  Rose one-skated (V2), two-skated (V2 alternate) and Double Poled the entire Jumps course from bottom to top.  For the uninitiated, that’s like 666′ of climbing each lap!!!  In spite of his efforts, he could not regain enough ground on smiling Connie to clinch the Helmet.

Valhalla awaits!…  I hear the Wooly Bear Caterpillars are already getting fired up for next year… which will be EPIC! Guaranteed.  Anyone want to go Mountain Biking at the chasm this week?


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