ESWGs and Super Sunday!

Racing at the Jumps… our version of Holmenkollen

The Empire State Winter Games did not disappoint!  Although the venue was changed to the ski jumps because of lack of snow, the courses and the crew at the jumps (coming over from MVH) did an awesome job of running a great event. “At times it felt like we were skiing at Holmenkollen… and I felt like Therese Johaug,” said Chris “Hand of Doom” Rose.

Night time at the jumps… FAST!

On Friday night, under the lights, the ESWG Sprint Prologue took place.  “Perhaps the toughest 3.666 minutes of racing I’ve ever done!” said Jim “Harvester of Sorrow” Kobak.

Brian “Bronze Medal!” White won his first ESWG medal in the skate race… get used to it, Brian, you’re skiing with the Peru Nordic Masters! MEMFOS!

On Saturday, the distance race was shortened to 10km, or 4 laps of the brutal 2.5 km course.

Note: this is NOT panic waxing.  Conditions were very easy to wax… Universal Klister straight up!

On Sunday, the TourNADO finished with the 7.5km classic.   Peru Nordic took home a ton of medals over the weekend, including GOLD for Chris Rose (x4), Connie Prickett (x2), Kevin Prickett (x2), Chris Beattie (x4), Silver for Jim Kobak (x3) and Bronze for Ed Lis, Brian White (x2) and Dave F’n Burt.

Connie celebrates her Superbowl Victory!!!  “I’m gonna go home and drink some Budweiser Beers!”

Connie Pricket and Brian White did some spectacular skiing, and some spectacular Superbowl picking!  Both Nordiques went with the Broncos in the Big Game, and although Connie missed the MVP, she just about nailed the final score and captured her first FOAM FINGER, emblematic of Superbowl of Skiing supremacy!

The War Ensemble continues this week on Wednesday.  If the Ho opens it’ll be there, otherwise it’ll be at the Jumps.  Meet at 4:15ish for a 4:30 start (it’s staying light out later, you know).


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