Mediocre Tour!

SAM_2633Forget about elite seniors and juniors racing around the Jumps, the real action in LP this past weekend was at the Peru Nordic Masters Mediocre-Tour at MVH.

Legions of not-good-enough for the supertour skiers showed up for the four-lap race.  Instead of spending thousands of $$ on USSA/NENSA Fees, these skiers invested in Mountain Brew and PBR, stayed out of the way of the “real” skiers and had an awesome race!

SAM_2626In the Mediocre-Tour, skiers had to ski four laps of the War Ensemble course, but each lap was determined by the mysterious VHCS “course dice.”  There was potential to race anywhere from 8km to 12km, depending on how well one rolled.   Oh, and of course, tennis balls played an important part as well.

SAM_2636Chris Rose and Jan Wellford battled for the top spot, but the big winner was Elizabeth Bouchard-Hall who finished ahead of 65% (NYS Regents Minimum Competency Standard) of the rest of the field and won the distinction of “most mediocre.”

SAM_2637Unfortunately, the Mediocre-Tour also brought in mediocre at best weather.  The early February thaw has crippled the skiing at MVH, but don’t worry, the VHCS marches on snow or no!




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