Snow Drought doesn’t stop the Black Train of Pain from Rollin’

This winter could go either way…

It’s been a disappointing winter to say the least… however, the Peru Nordic Masters managed to get in some quality racing over the weekend sticking to their mantra “if there’s snow, we’re gonna go!”

The track at Gore… Hundreds of High-schoolers! (but only 2 shorts over tights noticed on the day… a new record low)

On Saturday January 16 the Mini-Van of Evil, piloted by Stan Hatch, picked up a bunch of hardy Nordiques and delivered them to the Queensbury Glens Falls Invitational at Gore Mountain in North Creek (yes, it’s kind of  confusing).  Anyway, the folks at Gore were able to blow snow over a good 2 km course for the 6 km freestyle race.

Spider-Stan… M5M Champ!

Chris Rose paced the Nordiques, finishing with the 3rd fastest Masters’ time behind Adk Vauhti’s Matt Tornianen and HURT’s Dave Kvam.  Rose won the heavily contested M4M division, while Nordiques Jim Kobak and Brian White completed the sweep in that category.  Stan Hatch won the M5M, and Dave F’n BURT! won the M7M age class.

Old School!

On Sunday, a last minute (6:45 am, to be exact) decision was made to enter the USCSA Collegiate Race at the Paul Smith’s VIC at 9 am.  Quickly, the Nordiques accredited and matriculated into the Southeastern Clinton University of Medicine (SCUM) in order to be college-eligible and ready to go head-to-head with the likes of Clarkson University, Caselton College, Paul Smith’s College and UVMNSC .

It was “Dale of Norway Sweater”-cold at the Paul Smith’s race.  Luckily, Stan was prepared.

Chris Rose was the scramble leg and blistered into 5th place.  That’s where the team stayed as Kobak and Hatch also double-poled the 2km classic relay course on their skate skis.  The team was awarded with the age-adjusted participation award of Paul Smith’s Maple Syrup!

Extra VHCS points to the Paul Smith’s coaches for inviting us and letting us race… maybe next year we’ll get a photo with Kirsten’s eyes open.

The War Ensemble continues on Wednesday afternoon, and then more racing next weekend at Saratoga Biathlon Club… maybe?


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