Connie Prickett holds off challengers in Epic Tour de Ski Finale

The Champ!

Breaking News: Connie Prickett drinks the blood of the vanquished as she wins the 2016 Peru Nordic Tour de Ski!

Maswick took these guys on… anyone need new shoes or a fashionable handbag?

For the first time, the Tour de Ski Finale was run in pursuit style…  The first one across the line would drink from the Chalice!
Going into the finale, Connie Prickett had a precarious lead on the rest of the field.  Her biggest challenge appeared to be from Bob Maswick.  However, at the last minute, Bob pulled himself from the race, and potential Tour de Ski glory to pursue a career in alligator wrestling instead.
Other skiers followed based on their place behind the leader (using a complex algorithm calculated by the VHCS Supercomputer, of course)
Every skier skied two Laps… but, skiers had to roll the “Dice of Destiny” at least once during the race to see which course they would have to follow (yes, many skiers were introduced to new routing on Flatlander +, Flatlander X, ZigZag and/or East Mt Cutoff… believe me, it was hard to break old directional habits)

The 2015 and 2016 Champions… Who will sip from the Chalice next year?

Connie’s biggest challenge came from Jan Wellford.  Jan started three and a half minutes behind Connie, and with some fast skiing and savvy dice rolling, he was able to leapfrog almost the entire field and come with in meters of besting Prickett at the line.  Chris Rose, in spite of rolling “double ZigZag” managed to continue his dominant skiing and won the bronze medal.  Rose even had nice things to say about the VHCS supercomputer and thus was given a few “attitude adjustment” bonus points.  Last year’s Tour champion, Janet Findlay started 2:15 behind Connie and managed to charge into 5th place.  “I needed to roll a double Flatlander Plus to contend, and I got a ZigZag!”
Final Tour Standings
1. Connie Prickett  +0:00
2. Jan Wellford    +0:15
3. Chris Rose    +0:45
4. Kevin Prickett  +1:03
5. Janet Findlay  +1:07
6. Jim Kobak  +1:20
7. Brian White  +1:30:00
8. Rosanne Van Dorn  +1:30:01
9. Dave Hunter  +1:45
10. Chris Beattie  +1:50

12491811_1502911130012954_6397318897943825525_oComing up… The HURT Mega-Relay this Saturday… Look for the team of White, Kobak, Rose and Wellford to re-re-peat!!!


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