Tour de Ski stage 2: Ski O! Beattie Battles, Prickett Pounces!

Chris Beattie… focused and headed in the right direction

Chris Beattie tore up the ski-o course today, but it was Connie Prickett who moved to the top of the Tour de Ski leader board after 2 stages.   Connie leads Ed Lis and Bob Maswick as the three top contenders for overall tour supremacy.

Note: Points being deducted!

The big loser on the day was Chris Rose who lost many points out on the ski-o course due to “attitude adjustment”

Nothing beats the excitement of Ski-O!

Tour de Ski Standings through 2 stages:
Prickett, Connie 22.77
Lis, Ed 22.47
Maswick, Bob 22.23
Rose, Chris 21.89
Kobak, Jim 18.34
Findlay, Janet 17.52
Prickett, Kevin 16.64
Beattie, Chris 15.50
Hunter, Dave 15.34
Hatch, Stan 11.77
Minde, Peter 8.00
Moffett, Tom 7.66
Wellford, Jan 6.03

Remember, if you plan to Ski-O, bring your reading glasses!

Tomorrow’s stage 3… Ski at the HO (or equivalent workout). Bonus points if you buy a waffle at Josie’s and if you correctly guess the final score of the Jets/Bills game. As always, post on our FB page!  Ski and Destroy!


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