Rose/Lis win the re-vitalized GAUNTLET! Tour de Ski continues tomorrow.

SNOW at the HO!

The Gauntlet got a fresh overhaul today… gone is the “relay” version of this race.  Now, skiers team up and must ski for an hour, trying to earn as many points as they can by 1 pm.  “No one has to stand around and wait in the cold anymore… this is an aging-skier-friendly race” said race director, Jim Kobak.  Skiers were given a base score for their age, then given points for each of the loops they skied (starting and finishing at Gauntlet Stadium)  For example, the Bobcat loop was worth 1 point, but if you ventured around Innerloopen, that would get your team 8 points.

It’s not a great photo, but trust me, that trophy is AWESOME!

The team of Ed Lis and Chris Rose paired up and dominated the competition, putting in many laps of Innerloopen and East Mt Cutoff.  Rose even knew the new direction of Flatlander Plus!  By getting the victory, Lis and Rose have the lead in the Tour de Ski, and won the Mark Sanchez Trophy of Epic Awesomeness!

Everyone is psyched to be on snow and racing!

Second place went to the duo of Connie Prickett and Stan Hatch.  While bronze was awarded to the pair of Janet Findlay and Bob Maswick.

The second stage of the Tour de Ski is Chris Rose’s favorite event… the Ski-O try it race at Mt Van Hoevenberg tomorrow!


  1. Lis/Rose… 72 points
  2. Hatch/ C.Prickett… 66 points
  3. Findlay/ Maswick… 62 points
  4. Hunter/ Moffett… 55 points
  5. (t) Kobak/ Prickett and Minde/Wellford…. 53 points

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