Peru Nordic Tour de Ski… A New Hope!



Few four-letter words can stir up so much emotion.  Noridques have awakened from their mountain-bike induced stupors to finally hit the snow.   To celebrate, the world famous Peru Nordic Tour de Ski has officially been scheduled!  Four days of intergalactic ski excitement!


Friday, New Years Day… A new hope. THE GAUNTLET relay at high noon.  Never before has the Tour de Ski started with the winter classic, but it is this year!  6 x 2km freestyle relay.


Saturday, Jan 2… The Empire Strikes Back.  Ski on Saturday, earn VHCS points… join the dark side and do the Ski-O try it and earn even more VHCS points.


Sunday, Jan 3… Return of the Jedi.  Ski on Sunday, earn VHCS points.  Watch the JETS win, earn extra points!

Golfathlon 007

Wednesday, Jan 6… The Force Awakens… Viking Helmet Finale. 4pm at Gauntlet Stadium.  Tennis balls.. dice… frisbees!!!  The Chalice will be awarded and the winner will drink the blood of the vanquished!


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