The List… BEST METAL of 2015

Winter is upon us and it is time for the HARVESTER of Sorrow to reveal the best in METAL for the past year.

There has been lots of good METAL released in the past calendar year.

#11.  SKITANICA:  Total Metal


Nordic Skiing’s most obscure band unleashes another titanic behemoth of pure f**king METAL!  Killer Tracks:  Baptized in Beer, Battlesnake, Bloodsucker.

#10. NYLITHIA: Hyperthrash

This is an amazing album, almost like a psychedelic thrash meets electronica experiment.  It has a spacey industrial vibe, but it definitely is a thrash metal album… and it’s fast as hell.  Killer Tracks:  Razor, Blüdwolves, Whips and Chainz.

#9  SAXON: Battering Ram

One of my all-time favorite bands is back with another strong album.  This is pure metal with some killer riffs and hooks.  And as usual, Saxon come up with catchy choruses that are easy to sing along to and it totally rocks.  Killer Tracks: The Devil’s Footprint, The Queen of Hearts, Destroyer.

#8 HATCHET: Fear Beyond Lunacy

Hatchet is a modern Bay-Area thrash band that totally rips…  Killer Tracks: Living in Extinction,  Prophet of Delusion, Tearing into Hell.

#7 SAVAGE MASTER: Mask of the Devil

This is a true-metal album that could have easily been released in the mid-80s.  Savage Master has it all, satanic themes and rockin’ songs with a strong female lead-vocalist, Stacey Savage.  Killer Tracks: Blood on the Rose, Mask of the Devil, Ripper in Black.

#6 BLACK BREATH: Slaves Beyond Death

Blackened-Death-Thrash!!! I am always a sucker for the Black Metal sound woven into thrash metal.  This album is a huge barrage of sound and it is heavy as shit.  Killer Tracks: Reaping Flesh, A Place of Insane Cruelty, Slaves Beyond Death.

#5 ULTRA-VIOLENCE: Deflect the Flow

Just insane ear-ripping thrash metal!!! This album is a full-on rip from start to finish.  They even pull of a classic Venom cover of “Don’t Burn the Witch”.   Killer Tracks: Burning Through Scars, Lost in Decay, The Way I’ll Stay.

#4  RAM: Subversvm

Metal in its utmost metallic! Metal.  Killer Tracks: The Omega Device, The Ursurper, Eyes of the Night

#3  SLAYER: Repentless

FUCKIN’ SLAAAAAAAYYYYYYYEEERRRRRarrrghghgarghgh!!! Killer Tracks: Repentless, Implode, When the Stillness Comes.

#2 IRON MAIDEN: Book of Souls

Wow… Empire of the Clouds may be the most epic song ever.  Eighteen minutes!

Killer Tracks:  If Eternity Should Fail, Empire of the Clouds, The Red and the Black.

#1 ANGELUS APATRIDA: Hidden Evolution

This is a great thrash metal band from Spain.  They consistently put out the best, most ripping thrash, but yet they have catchy riffs and choruses.  In fact, I think there’s a lot of Joe Elliott/Def Leppard in the choruses (believe it or not, that’s a good thing… it really works.  Imagine if Def Leppard stuck to their metal roots and became a thrash band!)  This album is great! Do yourself a favor and pick it up.  Killer Tracks: End Man, Immortal, Wanderers Forever, Serpents on Parade.

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