The Force is Strong with Us… the weather is not.

janrenJan “Kylo Ren” Wellford won the “season opener” rollerski race at Point Au Roche in convincing, Theresa Johaug-esqe, fashion.  In spite of sleep depravation and extra goatee-induced drag, Jan was able to trust his feelings and rip apart the field and awaken the Force…. (note, he has not yet been able to awaken Old Man Winter…)

12356772_10153598595075589_262400606493342202_oJan finished ahead of the dueling Chris “Han Solo” Rose and Mike “Chewbacca” White who sprinted to the line in second and third place.  Safely securing the Wooden medal was Jim “Jabba” Kobak ahead of Brian “Lando Calrissian” White.  Alex “Boba Fett” Trumper put in a strong effort to make sure that Peru Nordic swept the top six places on the day.

force awakensAs a green Xmas looms, the lack of snow and wintry weather could be depressing… but fear not, the WAR ENSEMBLE will rage on with or without snow!

The first official War Ensemble will take place tomorrow, Wednesday December 16.  Meet the Nordiques up at Point Au Roche at 3:30 ish, or get out and do an equivalent workout on rollerskis, running sneakers, mountain bike, kayak… whatever.   Just post your workout and a photo to our facebook page and you will get some sweet VHCS points!


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