Lord of Destruction voted into Peru Nordic Hall of Fame!

The Peru Nordic Skiing Writers Association had their annual meeting at the Ausable Brewing Co. on Friday and unanimously decided to enshrine Bob “Lord of Destruction” Maswick into the Peru Nordic Hall of Fame.


Bob joins two other legends, Kevin “Master of Mayhem” Kearney and Brad “Fist of Rage” Hurlburt in the hallowed grounds of the Hall.  Maswick earned this privileged status by skiing and destroying, having a distinguished NYSSRA racing career, finishing the Winter 46 and mayoring the sh*t out of Mt.Van Ho.  Rumor has it that his bronzed bust will be displayed in perpetuity at the Van Ho Waffle Hut.


The official Hall of Fame ceremony will take place at Mt Van Hoevenberg right after the 2016 Gauntlet on January 1. Plan to join the Nordiques as they precover and celebrate the racing career of the LORD OF F**KING DESTRUCTION!!!





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