Rollerski Armageddon is at Hand! Peru Nordic Assaults The Climb to the Castle 2015

The lead group!


The Peru Nordic Masters came en masse, and filled the vacuum left by the unexpected no show of the USST.  The Nordiques battled valiantly with the US Biathlon Team and other Collegiate and Elite skiers… and managed to place two skiers on the Masters’ Podium!

Hero of the Day!

To no one’s surprise, the fastest Nordique on the day was Duncan Douglas who finished 6th overall and won the Masters division.  The Masters silver medalist was Tim Burke (USBA). And with a heroic effort, taking advantage of the new pavement and favorable winds, Chris “Hand of Doom” Rose blistered into third overall in the Masters’ category!!!

view from the summit.

In spite of being socked in, weather conditions were actually quite good.  It was cool and not very windy.  In fact even in the infamous wind-tunnel near the top, winds were gale-force at best.

Came all the way from Jersey for this race… F’ yeah!!!!

This is a feature event for sure, and why anyone would skip this race is beyond me.  I understand why the USST skipped it this year (kind of) But especially NYSSRA skiers, I mean it’s an open race on a spectacular closed road with elite competition  Even if you haven’t been doing much rollerskiing, it’s great training and you get to rub shoulders with the best this country has in our sport.

Terrorstorm Thursdays. Great training and immense knowledge dispensation on all things nordic by the Hand of Doom.

Rollerski Armageddon continues each Thursday at Point Au Roche with the TERRORSTORM! (4:30 pm).  And stay tuned for updates on the other Horsemen of the Rollerski Apocalypse:  ANGEL OF DEATH, CARNIVAL OF SINS and SUFFERFEST!  Ski and Destroy!

Enjoy this clip of the start of the Climb to the Castle…. and if you’re not rollerskiing yet, you’re wrong!



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