Peru Nordic Defends ADK 80K MTB Team World Championship!

It’s a happy place even when it’s not white.

The Peru Nordic Masters made an August trek to the “happiest place on Earth,” Mt Van Hoevenberg.  No, there was not a freak late-summer snowstorm (we wish!), rather the Nordiques put the METAL to the Pedal for the annual ADK 80K Mountain Bike Race.

Can’t beat the sweeeeet riding at Ausable Chasm!!!

The team had been sharpening their skills all summer by racing the ChasmRiders MTB series (you totally should do this, by the way).  And the four-some of Chris Rose, Jim Kobak, Tom Moffett and Bob Maswick was in top form, ready to SHRED!

Moffett in top form… then the sickness reared its ugly head!

Then, on the eve of the race, Moffett came down with a terrible sickness (Lyme/West Nile/Ebola/Giardia/Anthrax???) that was to keep him out.  Quickly the team scrambled to find a suitable replacement, and finally they came to terms with free-agent ChasmRider, Alex “Trumpet of Slaughter” Trumper.

Rose scrambles!!!

Chris “Hand of Doom” Rose took on the scramble leg, and as usual, he came through with the pros and set a blistering pace.

Rose tags off to the rookie, and he earned a spot on the big club for sure.

Trumper was second and likewise ripped the 20 km course to shreds… (looks like he’s gonna be a permanent fixture of the big team, someone’s gonna get relegated to the B squad for sure)

Minutes after this photo was taken, Sorrow was definitely harvested!

Jim “Harvester of Sorrow” Kobak took over for leg three, and was having an outstanding race.  Then, as he was rocketing down the Skate Start Hill on to East Mt he hit a drainage culvert and was sent flying over his handlebars.  Helmet cracked! Headset thrashed!  Shifter Destroyed!!!  Unfazed, Kobak jumped back on the bike, “luckily the bike was in a gear I could deal with so I rode the rest of my lap as a singlespeed with handlebars askew.”

Maz finishes! World F’n Champs, Again!!!

Kobak limped into the transition to hand off to Bob “Lord of Destruction” Maswick.  Maswick now felt the pressure after Kobak gave away precious minutes of time as a result of his crash.  Maz put the hammer down and solidified the victory for the four-man unit.  Peru Nordic was once again World Champion of the World!!!

Seriously, you gotta ride the Chasm. It’s tooo kind, brah.

Don’t put the Mountain Bikes away just yet, the ChasmRiders season still has 2 races left, including the epic BATTLE OF PLATTSBURGH 18.12 Mile Race on September 13!

The championship ring?

Ski (bike) and Destroy!! (but try not to destroy your bike)


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