Holy Crap!, It’s Almost August… It’s About Time for a Peru Nordic Update.

The Harvester of Sorrow busy not writing Windbriefs articles

OK… So, it’s true, I’ve been slacking when it comes to updating Windbriefs this summer…

Here’s some of what’s been going on…

The ChasmRiders Trail Crew has been super busy… the Chasm is now frickin’ AWESOME!!!!

The ChasmRiders trail network at Ausable Chasm. Now over 20 miles of trails… still to come SLAYER (HELL AWAITS)The ChasmRiders trail crew has expanded the ChasmRiders trail network to include the OVERKILL and ANTHRAX loops.  Still under construction is the highly anticipated SLAYER loop.  Come on out and check out the trails… the ChasmRiders roll out on Thursdays at 5:45pm followed by pre-covery at the Ausable Brewing Co. and there is racing every Sunday at 10.  It is worth the trip to Ausable Chasm to rip up the trails at the ChasmRiders trail network.

Dannemora Tailor Shoppe… TOTAL DOMINATION!

The Dannemora Tailor Shoppe, featuring a plethora of Peru Nordiques. won the World Famous 3 Hour Spectacular at the Chasm.  These guys absolutely shredded the courses and destroyed all comers.

The Hand of Doom is the Lord of Speed

Chris Rose won the annual IRON MAIDEN Triathlon, barely holding off Tom Moffett for his 5th IRON MAIDEN World championship.   Deb Nordyke took her 8th women’s title and totally demolished the women’s field.

There’s lots of stuff going on this August… Rollerskiing, Mountain Biking, Metal Festivals and Hiking…  As I write this, the Peru Nordiques are in the midst of the annual Skifestivalen BONK rollerski festival of death.

Stay thirsty my friends.

I hope to post more often… make sure to follow us on facebook for more timely updates.




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