World Famous Three-Hour Spectacular at the Chasm this Sunday… One not to miss!


The World-Famous Three-Hour Race Spectacular is set for this Sunday, July 12 at 10 AM.

Get a team together and rip up the ChasmRiders trails at Ausable Chasm.

These are the trails!

The way it works is that teams have three hours to accumulate as many points as possible.  Each loop in the ChasmRiders trail network is assigned a point value.  After riding a loop, racers check off the checklist and go out again.  Any loop can be ridden as many times as possible.  Just make sure you finish your last loop by 1 pm.  Bonus points are given to teams who ride ALL the loops. This is NOT a relay race, teams can have all of their riders out riding at the same time.  Following the race, there is a pot-luck tailgate party.

Get your team together… all ages and abilities welcome!

The top three teams with the most points will win Maui North Gift Certificates.  And, one gift certificate will be randomly drawn as well.  This race is a total blast, make a team and come on out for the three hour race!

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