Summer Starts NOW!

The HAND OF DOOM is ready for SUMMER!

The Summer training season is upon us, and it starts this weekend with a BANG!

ChasmRiders ride the Ausable Chasm trails… all of this riding is making me thirsty!

Thursday:  ChasmRiders group ride at Ausable Chasm Rec Center trails… post ride meetup at the Ausable Brewing Co.! (5;45)

Saturday: THE PATCH SPRINT! This mountain-running event is sold out, but there are a number of Nordiques scheduled to run, including Brian White, Patty Hurlburt, Tyra Wynn, Elizabeth Bouchard-Hall, Jim Kobak, Jason Fiegl, Jake Gittler, Kevin Prickett and Tappy.  Peru Nordic has fielded the last two World Champions (2013- Jan Wellford and 2014- Aaron Newell)  Interestingly, this year HURT Nordic is trying to muscle in on this event, sending heavy hitters David Paarlberg-Kvam and the Huneck Boys to tangle with the Peru Nordiques in Willsboro.  Whatever the outcome, this should be an exciting race.

Sunday:  ChasmRiders Chasm GOD Race #1: Season Opener!!! It’s MTB Racing season at the Chasm!!! It’s time to SHRED!!! It’s time to use an exorbitant amount of exclamation points!!!!!!  Expect a large field of Nordiques on hand to rip up the trails at the Ausable Chasm Recreation Center ChasmRiders trails!!!

Monday:  Traditional Memorial Day rollerski around Peru with the Nordiques… Kobak, Moffett and Rose take their traditional opening day roll around Peru, featuring Mørderbakken Jr. and the Hill of Death!

Summer is the time to Run, Hike, Bike, Rollerski, Listen to Metal, Drink Beer and Worship Skitan…. Ski EVIL… SKI AND DESTROY!!!


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