The BEAST Has Risen! Global Domination is at Hand!

The Patch Sprint is Saturday May 23.  The annual Best Ever Awesomest Sprint Training (BEAST) Series is set to begin this Tuesday, April 7 with a blitz of Rattlesnake Mt.  This year KONG has promised world-wide domination!  To celebrate the beasties will work out at 5 PM each Tuesday leading up to the Patch Sprint, and then follow each effort with an internationally themed tailgate party.  All are welcome to attend… whether you are planning to race in the Patch Sprint or not!

April 7:  BEAST Alpine…Meet up at the 1812 Homestead in Willsboro, then run/hike the Nature trails and up to the summit of Rattlesnake. Return to the Homestead to celebrate the cuisine of the European Alpine Nations… enjoy the tastes of Tyrolia, Bavaria, Austria and Suisse. Bier, Bratwurst und Lederhosen encouraged!

April 14:  BEAST Far East…Meet up at the 1812 Homestead in Willsboro, then run the 5 km Kessel Run to the Base of Sugarloaf… if the weather is nice, climb Sugarloaf, too then return to the Homestead for a taste of Asia!

April 21: BEAST Italia…Meet up at the Homestead, run the nature trails to the Pillars, then Blast up Bare Mt, run the nature trails back to the Homestead, then Bellisimo, sample the cuisine of Italia! Enjoy Mediterranean fare and, of course, Pasta! Ciao!

April 28: BEAST Scandinavia…Meet at the Lower Poko Parking Lot… Run rt 9 to the base of Poko, then TT up the steep side. Return to the Pkg lot via the back side. Then celebrate the culture of the Scandinavian Nations. Enjoy Norsk, Svensk, Dansk og Islandic fare. Savory Meatballs, Reindeer, Smørebord, Lutefisk og Aquavit on the menu! Skål!

May 5: BEAST Mexico…It’s Cinco de Mayo! Ole… Bienvenido a la 1812 Homestead! Run up to the Summit of Rattlesnake, then celebrate! Ole!

May 12: BEAST Français…Meet at the base of Sugarloaf for a run up.. then run down the mysterious back side…. return to the base of the ‘Loaf for gastronomical delights from the Great Nation of France! Baguettes et Croissants, Mais Oui! Oooh La La!

May 19:  BEAST Canada, Eh?…One last trip up Poko before the Patch Sprint. Meet up at the lower pkg lot, then run to the base of the steep side… return via the back side. Celebrate the food and culture of our friends to the North. Expect Poutine, Timbits, Back Bacon and Beavertails! Don’t forget the Molsons, eh?

See you on the Trails… The BEAST has risen!!


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