Peru Nordic Duo Off to Norway to Record Black Metal Opus

The Pricketts… pre corpse paint.

April 1- Peru Nordic’s sensational pair of Kevin “Kvelertak of Power” Prickett and Connie “Dark-Knight of Nature” Prickett have been so inspired by the Peru Nordic lifestyle that they have booked tickets to Norway… To record some trve kvlt Black Metal!

Connie and Kevin ready to “Hail The Fontal Polenta with Mushroom Sautee Wrath From Satanic Shadows”

The pair is off to work with the legendary Gåhl of Gorgoroth on their sonic debut, hoping to hike through the snow up to his grandfather’s cabin in deepest Norge and perhaps even burn a stave church or two. They are naming their band Herbivore and have already packed the corpsepaint.  “Actually we had all this Swix Polar wax lying around and it should be able to whiten up our skin tone appropriately for this Black Metal effort.”

The debut album is entitled “Reign in Cud” and weaves the brutal atmospheric sound of trve kvlt heathen black metal with some killer taste-bud-crucifying vegan recipes.

HERBIVORE:  Reign in Cud!  Track listing

1. Storming a Blood Red Sky Of Grey Rösti Casserole with Baked Seitan
2. Between a GrimR oasted Asparagus and Tomato Penne Salad In The Name Of Heathen Inferno
3. Worshipping a Bleakest Chasm Between Tuscan White Bean Soup with Escarole
4. Hail The Fontal Polenta with Mushroom Sauté Wrath From Satanic Shadows
5. Forever Orzo Salad with Spicy Buttermilk Dressing Reigns The Through Funeral Forests
6. Through a Northern Underworld Of Hateful Potato, Turnip, and Spinach Baeckeoffe Spellcraft
7. The Blasphemic Sky And Ancient North Poblano, Mango, and Black Bean Quesadillas
8. Crossing a Silent Storm For The Glory Of Crucified Fall Vegetable Curry


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