Wellford’s Clutch Playoff Performance Wins Him the HELMET!

Jan came to Rock!

Jan Wellford saved up some of his best skiing for the playoffs, and it paid off.  Wellford won the 2015 VHCS VIKING HELMET overall title!

Jan and Ed “Ha… we laugh at your pathetic dice rolling… ha ha!”

Jan drafted Ed “Distributor of Pain” Lis to be his relay partner for the day, “… when I saw how fast Eddie’s skis were on the downhill during our warmup, I knew it was going to be a good day.”  Jan was clutch in the biathlon range, throwing strike after strike.  And Ed was just as solid while rolling the Dice of Destiny.  The duo cruised to easy victory on the day, and Jan was able to wear the coveted helmet!

Kevin Prickett drafted third overall, but not as skilled at dice rolling as Kobak hoped.

Connie Prickett passed over husband Kevin in the draft.  Instead picking Tom Moffett to be her race partner.  Kevin was selected by Jim Kobak who was psyched with the pick “I couldn’t believe he was still available with the third overall pick!  I was psyched!”  However, Kobak’s excitement was tempered when Kevin picked up the Dice of Destiny and rolled 5 penalty loops for Kobak after his first lap.  “I was skiing around and around and around and around and around and around, Ed Lis lapped me while I was skiing penalty loops!”   In the end, the Prickett/Moffett Duo crushed the Prickett/Kobak pair. And, Connie was able to finish the season second overall in the VHCS.  Kobak had to settle for third place.


It has been a great VHCS Season…. the battle for the 2016 Viking Helmet begins tomorrow!  Who wants to race?


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