Viking Helmet Showdown at the HO Tomorrow!

VHCS Viking Helmet Playoff Finale!

It’s been an awesome season.  It’s been a long season.  It’s been a killer season.  Now, it all comes down to one final event.

This pic was taken today…. MARCH 27!!! It’s still mid-winter at the HO!

The VHCS Viking Helmet Playoff Finale Showdown is set to go at 11 am tomorrow.  Skiers will meet at Mount Van Ho at 10:45  for the Playoff draft and then race 6 laps of the 2 km VHCS Playoff course.  Skiers will throw tennis balls at USTBBA targets and roll the Skitanic Dice of Destiny between laps.

Who will win the Viking Helmet? It won’t be him, he’ll be in Florida missing all of the killer skiing!

This year the battle for the Viking Helmet has come down to three contenders:

Kobak… Consistency and Algorithms will get you everywhere!

Jim “Harvester of Sorrow” Kobak comes in as the #1 seed.  Jim attributes his success to simply “…showing up for more events than anyone else… and it doesn’t hurt that I have the access codes for the VHCS supercomputer.”  Jim won the Viking Helmet last season on the final day with a strong showing teamed with Bob Maswick.  Maz looks like a game-day decision and Kobak is unsure who he will draft on race day to fill that spot.

Can Connie rally and win the Viking Helmet? Can it get any better than Sweet Potato Apple Soup?

Connie “Dark-Knight of Nature” Prickett is the #2 seed.  Connie has been really solid during the second half of the season, and with a strong draft in the Finale should be able to contend for the overall championship.  Will she pick husband Kevin? Will she be able to focus on the race worrying that her sweet potato apple soup is marinating appropriately the crock pot?

Jan… Pre-Covery is his forte!

Jan “Wheels of Steel” Wellford is by far the fastest skier in the race, but can he tame the Skitanic Dice of Destiny in the final race?  Will Tillie wake him up in the middle of the night and ruin his race day mojo?  Will anyone forgive Lars Ulrich for eliminating Jason Newsted’s bass playing on And Justice For All?

VIKING HELMET… Emblematic of VHCS Supremacy… Come and get it!

The Viking Helmet will be decided tomorrow.  Whichever of these skiers finishes ahead of the other two with their teammate(s) will capture the glory that is the Viking Helmet.  Then, much celebration will be had at Chez Prickett tomorrow afternoon!  SKI AND DESTROY!!!


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