VHCS Marches on… RAGNARÖK is Coming!

Just Keep on Racing!!!… you have all summer to ride your bike!

The NYSSRA Season may be over, but the Peru Nordic Masters keep racing until the snow melts…. 10 days a week!


The World Famous BEERSERKERBEINER Rennet was held last Wednesday and saw Jim “Harvester of Sorrow” Kobak wrangle a growler to victory…  Kobak currently leads the VHCS points ranking, but there are at least 6 other Nordiques in striking distance, and there’s still plenty of racing to be had.

Just behind Kobak is Connie “Dark-Knight of Nature” Prickett, who has quietly rocketed up the VHCS leader board with lots of strong racing (in spite of slow Beerserkerbeiner chugging).  Don’t count out Jan “Wheels of Steel” Wellford who has been racing fast while battling baby-induced sleep depravation.

The Pricketts… moving up the VHCS leaderboard with a strong finish to the season!

Amanda “Anvil of Angst” Zullo has been in contention all season, hopefully she will overcome a Spring transition to Triathlon training and finish strong.  Bob “Lord of Destruction” Maswick, Kevin “Kvertlak of Power” Prickett and Brian “Battleaxe of Aggression” White have also been hot in the last half of the season and each has an outside shot of capturing the Viking Helmet!

Note: the War Ensemble will meet on TUESDAY next week!

Next on the schedule is this week’s WAR ENSEMBLE which will be held on TUESDAY, St. Patrick’s Day.  WAR ENSEMBLE ERIN GO BRAHSERK!/ IDES OF MARCH Cutthroat Biathlon!  Skiers will ski two laps of the War Ensemble Course, throwing at USTBBA Certified targets in between laps.  Racers will be allowed to use their “hits” to cut down their rivals… blood will be spilled!

RAGNARÖK is on the schedule for the following week… stay tuned for the GOAT’s list of demands!

Expect an elite field like this for the VHCS Viking Helmet Playoffs Finale!! March 28

Finally, the Viking Helmet Playoffs Finale will be held at Mount Van Hoevenberg on Saturday March 28.  The top 5 VHCS Points-earners after RAGNARÖK will be seeded and matched against one-another in an epic “winner-take-all-ish” battle for the Viking Helmet!  Don’t miss it!


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