Evil Empire Falls Just Short during Incredible NYSSRA Championships Weekend

None more METAL!

What a weekend!

It started with a tumultuous signing…. And ended with some incredible skiing.

Jacked Up… Jacked Up to race for Peru Nordic, much to the chagrin of HURT.

Peru Nordic set the tone for the NYSSRA Championship weekend by coming to terms with Dr. Robert Duncan “JackedUp of OldMan” Douglas just days before the relays.  This set the NYSSRA scene into a frenzy and had HURT Nordic on their heels!

To win the overall championship, Peru Nordic needed a sweep of the relays, and then needed to win the 20 km Classic outright in order to claim their first NYSSRA Nordic Championship Banner since 2008.

Amanda reaps the spoils… sorry Kevin, word is “no beer for you!”

In the women’s relay, the team of Amanda “Anvil of Angst” Zullo and Janet “Banshee of Bedlam” Findlay won the day, barely pacing the team of Connie “DarkKnight of Nature” Prickett and Star “DeathStar of Damage” Cook.

Jan and Rosanne!!!

In the mixed men/women relay, the duo of Jan “Wheels of Steel” Wellford and Rosanne “Dormina of Dessication” VanDorn crushed the field.   The team of Andy “Seasons of Abyss” Wei, Heike “Altar of Sacrifice” Wei and Marque “Marquis of Malevolence” Moffett also scored huge points. This set up an epic clash in the men’s relay.

Wynn… Refusing to shoot a biathlon rifle until the SAFE Act is repealed.

Peru Nordic’s team of Kevin “Kvertlak of Power” Prickett and the newly acquired Duncan “JackedUp of OldMan” Douglas rallied and passed both HURT Squads to finish second overall.  Jim “Harvester of Sorrow” Kobak and Mike “Disinfector of Despair” Wynn managed to scrape out a fifth place.  Ed “Distributor of Pain” Lis and Chris “Hellhound of Hades” Beattie finished 8th and Joe “Colossus of Chaos” Korzinecki with Brian “Battleaxe of Aggression” White finished 9th.

Marque “Marquis of Malevolence” Moffett shooting the shit out of the biathlon targets in the relay.

When the dust settled, HURT Nordic eaked out  a one-point victory in the Men’s Relay.  Thus the overall championship would be settled during the 20 km classic.  If Peru won, they needed HURT to finish no better than 3rd in order to win the overall Club Championship Series.

In the 20 km Classic, Peru’s Duncan Douglas and Jan Wellford finished 1 and 2 ahead of HURT’s Aaaron Huneck… But, HURT’s Heidi Underwood won the women’s race ahead of Saratoga’s Gabriella Fritelli and Peru’s Rosanne Van Dorn.

Next year Mutha f*ckers!

When the points were tallied, Peru Nordic finished the season with 223 Points in the Club Series… HURT Nordic finished with 226 and another Club Championship.  In spite of the disappointment, Peru Nordic managed to drink a lot of beer and vowed to avenge the defeat next year!!!

The Champs… Heidi, we’re holding a spot for you… join the Evil Empire!

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