Near Perfect Conditions as Peru Nordic Shreds Lake Placid Loppet!

Loppet Day!!!! No better day all year!!!

It is perhaps the most wonderful day of the year!  Loppet Day at MVH is a celebration of Nordic skiing and a day for the Peru Nordiques to kick serious ass and take names.

Harvester of Sorrow, 8th in the 25 km Free… Skied and Destroyed!!!

This year’s Loppet was a little different than in the past… It was on Sunday instead of the traditional Saturday.  There was no post-race banquet/awards at the Arena, just a post-race buffet and a handful of syrup awards after the race.  Beers were limited to one per racer, but at least Peru Nordic collected the most beer tickets from folks driving home.  Age classes were expanded to 10 year increments and only age-class winners won prizes.  However, the changes did not take away from the fact that this race is awesome.  There is no course as challenging as the Loppet course and this year conditions were superb.

Ed “Distributor of Pain” Lis hammers up Innerloopen… Skiing and Destroying!!!

Peru Nordic started Twenty-two skiers in the various races, 25 km classic and skate, and 50 km classic.  Full Results are available at this link.

Stan hammers into the finish… 50 km Classic!

Stan “Stansel Adams” Hatch won his class in the 50 km classic and finished 3rd overall.

Janet with Dave F’n Burt… note the sweet photo-bomb by David Hunter… nice!

The Power-couple dynamic duo of Janet Findlay and David Hunter each won their respective age classes in the 25 km Classic.

Lisa K at the start of the 25 km Classic! Note Kevin Prickett’s sweet new skis!

Many Nordiques had superb days on snow, and without question, the 2015 Loppet was SKIED and DESTROYED!

Brian “Battleaxe of Aggression” White having one of his best days at the Loppet… Skied and Destroyed!!!

The NYSSRA Season concludes next weekend at Van Ho with the NYSSRA Championships. Peru Nordic looks to win it’s first Club Championship Series title since 2008 with a strong showing in the relays and the 20 km NYSSRA Champions Cup Classic race.


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