Wynn Defends National Championship! COOKIE CLASH at DEWEY Mountain Skis and Destroys Cystic Fibrosis

The Men’s poduim… Wynn, Wellford and Seyse.

Mike Wynn and Jan Wellford dueled throughout the day, but at the finish, The wiley veteran Wynn out-sprinted Wellford to capture his third consecutive Peru National Championship and take the Shield back to his home in Queensbury.

Wynn taunts Wellford as they lap through… “If you want that shield, you’ll have to pry it from my cold-dead hands!”

This year’s COOKIE CLASH at Dewey Mountain featured a new course, IRON BILL: Fn HOSTILE!!!, which challenged skiers both up and down the mountain.  The leaders, Wynn and Wellford, skied the 3 x 3.75 km course together, exchanging leads a few times.  But in the end it was Wynn’s savvy that got the best of Jan.  Glenville Hills Nordic’s Eric Seyse captured Bronze with HURT Nordic’s Chris Yarsevich winning the coveted wooden medal.

Heidi wins the women’s race… rumor has it she’s close to signing with Peru Nordic!

In the Women’s Race, HURT Nordic’s Heidi Underwood was challenged early by Peru Nordic’s Rosanne Van Dorn, but ultimately Heidi was able to capture the womens’ race.  Peru Nordic’s Janet Findlay won the bronze and the wooden medal was bestowed upon Peru Nordics “Smilin’ Connie” Prickett.

The U12 Girls practice their finish line lunges!

The Kids’ races saw local Dewey Mt Ski leaguers duke it out over one lap.  Nick Kelting won the boys’ U14 race, while Olga Tumanova won the girls U12 race.


Ten hard-core skiers turned out for the inaugural COOKIE DASH.  These intrepid souls ripped through a rollicking course featuring ski obstacles… some even did it three times.  All enjoyed COOKIES at the finish!

When you get to the finish line, there are COOKIES!!!

All proceeds from this race are donated to the Friends of Dewey Mountain and to the Cystic Fibrosis Lifestyle Foundation.  Thanks to all who came out to help Peru Nordic and Team Cookie to ski, cheer and volunteer to Crumble Cystic Fibrosis.


Skulls and Blood!

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