ESWG Tour-Nado Whips up Peru Nordic Medal Storm- Face the Slayer!

Face The SLAYER (with the Harvester of Sorrow)

Jan “the Slayer” Wellford won the 2015 Empire State Winter Games TourNado overall World Championship.  Jan started the tour with the fastest time in the 2.5 km prologue.  He followed that with a third-place overall finish in the 20 km Classic, just 10th’s of seconds off the top spot.  Finally, and most impressively, Jan blasted the field of elite skiers in the 7.5 km freestyle finale giving him two stage victories and an additional podium place.  Jan even wowed the ESWGs with an impressive ski-cross display in the Sprint final on the MVH Terrain park!

ESWG Medalists Pre-Cover in the warm confines of the MVH Biathlon Building.

Jan led a stalwart group of Peru Nordiques who racked up an impressive haul of 43 medals over the three-day ESWG TourNado!!!

Rosanne, the overall women’s TourNado World Champion!

Jan was one of six 4 -time 2015 ESWG Gold Medalists, winning their respective age classes in the 2.5 km Prologue, the 20 km Classic, the 7.5km Finale and the overall TourNado Championship.  The others to turn the trick were Chris Rose, Jim Kobak, Rosanne VanDorn, Amanda Zullo and Chris Beattie.

Blood and Guts… Korzinecki at the Finale… Blood!

Jon Santor won 3 Golds and a Silver in his TourNado.  Other medalists included Janet Findlay who captured M6F gold in the 20 km Classic and Spider-Stan Hatch who won M5M gold in the prologue and Silver in the 20 km Classic. The medal mayhem continued with Ed Lis who captured M4M silver in the 20 km classic and the 7.5km FInale. Connie Prickett captured M4F silver in the 20 km Classic and the 7.5 km Finale, and hubby Kevin Pricket won M3M silver in the 20 km Classic and the 7.5 km finale.  Kirsten Domas blazed to SRF Silver in the Prologue, Bronze in the 20 km Classic and Silver in the Freestyle Finale.  Dave “F’n” Burt thrashed to M7M Silver in both the 20 km Classic and the 7.5 km Finale.  Joe Korzinecki cut himself up for the Finale and took M6M Silver

ESWG TourNado Champions! The EVIL EMPIRE in Force!!!

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