Are You Ready For Some Skiing? Harry Eldridge Ski Fest Launches Superbowl Week!


Are you ready?!?!?!?!?!

Peru Nordic’s Trio of Terror… Delaney, Findlay and Zullo sweep the podium like the Norwegians!  Syrup time!!!!

After a strong showing at the Queensbury invitational on the 17th and the HURTathon on the 18th, the Peru Nordic Masters turned out in force for the annual NYSEF Harry Eldridge Ski Races on January 24-25 and dominated the NYSSRA Masters scene.  Spectacular efforts on the challenging terrain including Masters’ overall podium spots for Mike Wynn, Janet Findlay, Amanda Zullo and Karen Delaney.  In addition, Peru Nordic scored Age-class victories over the two days from Findlay, Zullo, Delaney, Connie Prickett, Chris Beattie, David Burt and Spider-Stan Hatch  Saturday Results Sunday Results

No effort was spared… Ski and Destroy!!

Skiers attacked the 7.5 km homologated course in classic technique on Saturday under the warming sun, then returned to skate 10 km of the Ladies’ 5 on Sunday in brutal cold and wind.

Appropriately seeded at the back of the pack

The weekend had some outstanding racing and served as a prelude to the annual SUPERBOWL of SKIING™Festival… the fight for the Foam Finger!

The Sanchize… Back in action!

The Superbowl of Skiing™ begins on Monday 1/26 and concludes with the big game on Sunday 2/1.  Skiers earn points throughout the week by skiing and destroying.  Massive points can be earned during this Wednesday’s WAR ENSEMBLE Superbowl Kickoff Extravaganza where skiers do as many laps of a modified course as they can in 20 minutes.  Each lap earns a skier 3 points, and they have the option to stop in between laps to try to throw touchdowns.  The Superbowl of Skiing™ concludes when skiers pick the winners, the spread and the MVP of the big game.  The winner gets the prestigious Foam Finger, emblematic of Superbowl of Skiing™ supremacy!!  Just make sure to fill out the official entry form by kickoff on Sunday 2/1.





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