Peru Nordic WARBRINGER! Living Weapons Bring Total War to HURT Mega-Relay

6 hours in the cold of Garnet Hill… Ski and Destroy!!!!

The HURT Mega Relay is a 6 hour team event.  The goal is to ski as many 4 km laps as you can over the 6 hours at Garnet Hill Lodge.

Wheels of Steel off the front!

Peru Nordic sent one team, the powerhouse WARBRINGER battalion of Jan Wellford, Chris Rose, Brian White and Jim Kobak.  If you recall, the last time this relay was held Peru Nordic won the day due to the heroics of “Spider-Stan” Hatch.  With Hatch unavailable, the pressure was on… could Peru Nordic repeat as Mega Relay Men’s World Champions?

White and Rose… that’s 2.5 lap credits right there!

The key to the day was going to be how the coaching staff would utilize Brian White and Jim Kobak.  Rules dictated that these two, by virtue of their advanced age, would receive 1.5 lap credits for each lap they completed.  With the cold sub 10°F temperatures on the day, management started conservatively, rolling out four waves for most of the early part of the race.  The top guns of Rose and Wellford kept the team in the on-snow lead by putting in some absolutely blistering 12 minute laps.  Then, as the day moved on, Brian White was double shifted to take advantage of his lap bonuses.  Finally with just 53 minutes left, Kobak was put in for the duration of the time.  Kobak was able to get in 3 laps in the final 43 minutes to clinch the victory.

To the victors go the spoils… BEER, PIE and PRETZELS: The unholy trinity!

In the end, Peru Nordic WARBRINGER skied 25 laps for 100 km in 5:50:10, and received credit for 31.5 total laps, enough to secure victory in the men’s race.   It was not enough to win the overall title as the well seasoned HURT mixed relay team of Heidi Underwood, Bob Underwood and Tim Huneck parlayed their lap bonuses to get and incredible 36 lap credit total over 24 laps.

“…everyone always throws ‘rock'”- Coach Rose

In spite of losing the Rock/Paper/Scissors to determine the overall prize distribution, Peru Nordic WARBRINGER took home the BEER, PIE and PRETZELS!!! (editors note: all of which have since been consumed).


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