Deathskinada Loppet! Positively Negative!

The Ugly Death’s Head Trophy!

Peru Nordic Masters tradition dictates that the annual DEATHSKINADA LOPPET be held on what should be the coldest WAR ENSEMBLE evening of the season.   This race is a celebration of bitter cold wind-brief-less experiences at Gatineau/Keskinada Loppets past…  Luckily, today was the day!

Well within the VHCS minimum temperature limit for the start of the Deathskinada Loppet.

With air temperatures already at -5° F by 4 pm and winds steady at 10 mph, it was cold enough to race for Ugly Death’s Head.

Tempt fate… if you dare!!!

Skiers skied 2 laps of the WAR ENSEMBLE Course and deducted half their age from their time in minutes.  Then, skiers had the option to tempt fate and draw from the Deck of Deathskinada Tarot Cards.

The Hellhound of Hades freezes the competition!

Chris Beattie skied a solid race and drew the Death Card, giving him a frosty Deathskinada total score of -26.5° enough to win the race and frost the tips of his mustache.

DEATHSKINADA race card fate total
Beattie, Chris -6.5 Death -20 -26.5
Maswick, Bob -4.5 The Devil -10 -14.5
Rose, Chris 0 The Priestess -5 -5
Kobak, Jim 1.5 The Fool 20 21.5


Only the bold can earn VHCS points in the cold!


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