Findlay Wins as Epic Tour de Ski Shreds Skitanic Beerserkers During Rain and Blood-Soaked Finale!

Janet smiles as she drinks the blood of the vanquished from the Tour de Ski™ Chalice.

What a Tour!

The Tour de Ski™

At least 26 Nordiques took part in at least one stage of the 2015 Peru Nordic Tour de Ski™.  Over 1000 hours and 300 km of on-snow and dryland training training and races in snow, ice, brutal cold, and pouring rain were completed over the 8-day extravaganza.

Thanks to OVERKILL for helping the Peru Nordiques Shred and Thrash this year’s Tour de Ski™ E.vil N.ever D.ies!!!

In the end, it was Janet Findlay was left standing amongst the wreckage of Peru Nordiques at the Finale.  And Janet gleefully drank the blood of the vanquished out of the Tour de Ski Chalice!

The Hand of Doom won the battle today, but was a casualty of severe tennis ball shrapnel.

The finale proved to be a tough physical and mental test.  New snow changed over to rain, and by race start, the temperature had risen to 45° F.  As the Lord of Destruction sounded the start gun, the rain increased to a moderate downpour.  Skiers slugged their way across the 3.5 km loop.   At the end of the race, Chris Rose outlasted Jan Wellford for the race win, followed by Jim Kobak in third, with Kevin Prickett winning the coveted wooden medal.

Tour de Ski™ Finale Race Results:

1. Rose, Chris
2. Wellford, Jan
3. Kobak, Jim
4. Prickett, Kevin
5. Findlay, Janet
6. Maswick, Bob
7. White, Brian
8. Prickett, Connie
9. Zullo, Amanda


Of course, during the race, skiers threw tennis balls at the targets and were able to cut down their competitors, wether they raced today or not, before the Supercomputer calculated the final standings.  Jim Kobak was the biggest loser on the day, in spite of finishing 3rd in the race, he was severely riddled with tennis balls and wound up dropping 14 places in the overall standings.

Tour De Ski™ Final Standings (OFFICIAL)

overall place Name Pre Finale points Finale Points Cut-downs Net TdS Points
1 Findlay, Janet 92.12 9 0 101.12
2 Zullo, Amanda 82.49 2 0 84.49
3 White, Brian 80.97 5 -10 75.97
4 Prickett, Connie 72.38 3 0 75.38
5 Lis, Ed 69.16 0 0 69.16
6 Rose, Chris 86.83 20 -40 66.83
7 Maswick, Bob 66.85 7 -10 63.85
8 Minde, Peter 63.56 0 0 63.56
9 Wei, Heike 66.85 0 -10 56.85
10 Korzinecki, Lisa 55.64 0 0 55.64
11 Wei, Andy 65.35 0 -10 55.35
12 Ma Mo 52.65 0 0 52.65
13 Bailey, Steve 51.83 0 0 51.83
14 Korzinecki, Joe 51.74 0 0 51.74
15 Beattie, Chris 50.59 0 0 50.59
16 Kobak, Jim 87.20 13 -50 50.20
17 Prickett, Kevin 32.89 11 0 43.89
18 Bombard, Scott 38.64 0 0 38.64
19 Wellford, Jan 31.04 16 -10 37.04
20 Hatch, Stan 35.02 0 0 35.02
21 Taptick, Tappy 32.72 0 0 32.72
22 Hunter, David 31.82 0 0 31.82
23 Woody, Nate 31.64 0 0 31.64
24 Domas, Kirsten 17.66 0 0 17.66
25 Santor, Jon 16.86 0 0 16.86
26 Daley, Mike 12.76 0 0 12.76
27 Moffett, Tom 9.06 0 0 9.06


In addition to the overall winner, the VHCS Committee has also handed out these Tour de Ski™ Special Awards:

Stan Hatch wins the  Most total VHCS points deducted for attending church Award.  C’mon Stan!

Brian White wins the Worst Use of iPod During Training Award when he reported, “I shred my 4 k TT on rollerskis, 15 minutes flat. Plus 6 k more under the light of a half moon. No Overkill came up on the iPod, the Kinks was the thrashiest tune that came up.”

Peter Minde wins the Dedication,  Perseverance and Commitment to a Better Future Award… “Shredded Prospect Mt, Bennington VT. The alternate home for southerly Nordiques.Played some metal for the Bill Koch skiers who were there, so they’d have decent music to listen to. Today was my over distance workout: 2h 30m….BTW this was a day trip, departed NJ at 5 AM, took 5 hours to get home in that sloppy storm. Is that worth some extra credit?”

Kevin Prickett wins Best Use of Iron Maiden Lyrics Award  in his training report for 12/30 “…Out of money, out of luck, running free for 3.5 miles.”  Bruce Dickinson and Steve Harris are proud of you.

Jim Kobak wins Worst (Best?) Crash Award when he spectacularly put his poles between his legs and face-planted on the first lap of the Gauntlet Relay.  Just so you know, the knee is still swollen and has just started to really get black and blue.

Andy and Heike Wei share the Marital Bliss Training Award as First Andy reports…”Raining this morning, so hammered it out on the road bike in the basement on rollers. 30 min. level 5 sweatfest! Wife drafted behind the whole time.”… Then Heike chips in, “Raining this morning, so hammered it out on the mountain bike in the basement on rollers. 30 min. level 5 sweatfest! Husband prevented me from passing the whole time!”…Then later the couple disclosed, “We found snow at Lake George Elementary the shadow of Prospect Mt. left half of the field nice 9 cm of hard crust. 2hr OD skate on shitty rock skis shredded nonetheless!”…”2 hr skate OD on crust. Finished with 400m sprint aroung LG track, beat husband (he claimed he had shitty skis).”

Maxmillian Wei won Youngest Shredding and Thrashing Skitanic Beerskerker Award with “… 20 laps on my new 145cm soft Atomic World Cup Classics that finally arrived from Deutschland with a sweet LJ01 race grind, double pole hammer shred thrashfest around the Lake George Ski Coliseum. 1hour total workout.”

Thanks to all who made the 2015 Peru Nordic Tour de Ski™ such a huge success!!

A big thanks to all who participated.  We hope you had fun and did some ski training that you maybe wouldn’t have done otherwise.  The VHCS marches on each Wednesday, and the NYSSRA Season continues next week with the HURT Mega-Relay on Jan 10.  Ski and Destroy!!!


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