Tour de Ski Chalice On the Line… Cutthroat Biathlon Finale Tomorrow… Blood will be Spilled!

The Chalice will be exhumed and awarded tomorrow!!  Join us for a drink?

It’s a simple concept, Ski… Destroy… then drink your opponents’ blood from the Chalice!

Amanda Zullo is in prime position for a run at the Chalice… but can she hit the targets??

The annual Peru Nordic Tour De Ski is set to come to it’s rightful conclusion tomorrow, Jan 4th, with the 8th and final stage.  TdS Contenders will meet at New JetLife Gauntlet Stadium at 1 pm for the WHITE DEVIL ARMORY USTBBA-Certified Freestyle Finale featuring cutthroat biathlon.  Skiers will race over a 4 km course twice.  In between laps, they will throw tennis balls at the targets.  Each “hit” allows the skier to deduct overall VHCS points from his/her competitor’s total.  By the end of the race, the skier standing with the most overall TdS Mysterious VHCS points will win the coveted Tour de Ski Chalice!!!

Race course for the final day...
Race course for the final day…
Beware… Just when you thought you were safe, the hail of bullets (tennis balls) will cut you down.

The race will be scored less mysteriously and more like a NYSSRA event than a traditional VHCS event.  1st place will recieve 20 VHCS points, 2nd 16, 3rd 13, 4th 11, etc…  which will be added to the skier’s Tour de Ski Total.  Then, each “hit” will then allow that skier to punish his opponents by secretly deducting 10 VHCS points from the skier(s) TdS total of his/her choice.   Blood will be shed!


Tour de Ski Standings heading into the final stage… Someone on this list is going to drink from the Chalice!!!!

Kobak, Jim 87.20
Rose, Chris 86.83
Zullo, Amanda 82.49
Findlay, Janet 82.46
Prickett, Connie 72.38
White, Brian 72.31
Lis, Ed 69.16
Maswick, Bob 66.85
Wei, Heike 56.19
Wei, Andy 56.19
Korzinecki, Lisa 55.64
Minde, Peter 53.80
Ma Mo 52.65
Bailey, Steve 51.83
Korzinecki, Joe 51.74
Beattie, Chris 50.59
Bombard, Scott 38.64
Hatch, Stan 35.02
Prickett, Kevin 32.89
Taptick, Tappy 32.72
Hunter, David 31.82
Woody, Nate 31.64
Wellford, Jan 23.28
Domas, Kirsten 17.66
Santor, Jon 16.86
Daley, Mike 12.76
Moffett, Tom 9.06


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