THE KILLING KIND… Gauntlet Relay Thrashes Tour de Ski Field.

World Championship GAUNTLET Relay Team… Korz, Harve and The Sanchize

The power trio team of Peru Nordic Cold Hard Fact ( Jon Santor, Joe Korzenecki and Jim Kobak)won the 111th annual Gauntlet Relay Race at New JetLife Gauntlet Stadium.  The “Winter Classic” New Year’s Day Holiday Tradition pits teams of skiers alternating laps over a rocket-fast 1.2 km course.

This is a great album… Monster riffs and thrash tracks… METAL!!!

Skiers paid tribute to the classic OVERKILL Album, The Killing Kind by taking their names from one of the blistering tracks on that classic disc.

The Start… A Record Field on Hand.

Peru Nordic Certifiable took the early lead with a strong scramble leg from Chris Rose.  They held on to that lead after Kobak crashed after launching a daring attack on Kirsten Domas.  Luckily for the team, Joe Korzenecki calmed things down and powered his way back into contention.  Then Santor, “the Sanchize” delivered his patented crushing blow to seal the victory and earn the team massive mysterious VHCS Points!

Epic Battle on the GAUNTLET Course at New JetLife Gauntlet Stadium

Peru Nordic Battle (Ed Lis/Steve Bailey) hung with the leaders throughout the race and were able to sneak in to the silver medal position.  Peru Nordic Bold Faced Pagan Stomp (Maswick/Kevin Prickett) won the coveted wooden medal.

Intense racing action all afternoon long…


place Team Skiers
1 Peru Nordic Cold Hard Fact Kobak, J., Korzenecki, J., Santor, J.
2 Peru Nordic Battle Lis, E., Bailey, S.
3 Peru Nordic Certifiable Rose, C., Domas, K.
4 Peru Nordic Bold Faced Pagan Stomp Maswick, B, Prickett,K.
5 Peru Nordic To Ashes Hatch, S., Prickett, C.
6 Peru Nordic Feeding Frenzy Carter, T., Hunter, D.
7 FF Peru Nordic The Cleansing Findlay, J., Beattie, C.
7 FF Peru Nordic God-Like Zullo, A, White, B.


Bailey can’t believe he’s just been passed by the Anathema of Outrage

In spite of finishing in a photo finish sprint for 7th place, Janet Findlay’s Peru Nordic The Cleansing team was able to earn enough points to keep her in the lead of the Tour de Ski with just three stages to go… but as you know, it’s still anyone’s race!

Chaos in the Tag Zone exchange!!!

Tour de Ski Standings through THE KILLING KIND (unofficial)

Findlay, Janet 72.80
Kobak, Jim 70.08
Rose, Chris 69.91
White, Brian 63.65
Prickett, Connie 62.72
Lis, Ed 59.50
Zullo, Amanda 54.17
Ma Mo 52.65
Bailey, Steve 51.83
Beattie, Chris 50.59
Wei, Heike 45.53
Maswick, Bob 44.53
Minde, Peter 44.04
Wei, Andy 43.53
Korzinecki, Lisa 41.48
Korzinecki, Joe 39.98
Bombard, Scott 38.64
Hatch, Stan 35.02
Prickett, Kevin 32.89
Taptick, Tappy 32.72
Hunter, David 31.82
Woody, Nate 22.98
Domas, Kirsten 17.66
Santor, Jon 16.86
Daley, Mike 12.76

The Tour de Ski continues with three more stages, culminating with the head-to-head Cutthroat Tennisball Biathlon Finale NOTE, NOW SCHEDULED FOR THE AFTERNOON OF SUNDAY 1/4 (1 pm) (pushed back to allow for the forecast freezing rain/mix on Sunday morning).

A. 12/28/14 FEEL THE FIRE: Take part in the Ski-O Try-it race at Mt Van Ho.

B. 12/29/14 TAKING OVER Do a 4 km TT at Mt. Van Hoevenberg or equivalent

C. 12/30/14 UNDER THE INFLUENCE Go for a long over-distance ski, at least 2 hours

D. 12/31/14 HORRORSCOPE Do the WAR ENSEMBLE New’ Years’ Eve Freestyle Race at Gauntlet stadium. 4 pm.

E. 1 /1/15 THE KILLING KIND The Gauntlet Relay 6 x 1.5 km freestyle Mount Van Ho * VHCS points race 12 noon start

F. 1/2/15 IRONBOUND Go for a long over-distance ski, at least 2 hours, use the opposite technique from UNDER THE INFLUENCE

G. 1/3/15 ELECTRIC RATTLESNAKE Do a “Vegard’s” workout or equivalent… three intervals of increasing length… 3 min, 5 min, 10 min.

H. 1/4/15 WHITE DEVIL ARMORY… Tour de Ski Cutthroat Biathlon Finale at Mount Van Ho, Freestyle… 1 pm

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