NEW YEAR’S EVIL… HORRORSCOPE Shakes Up TdS at Halfway Mark.

This photo isn't blurry, you're just still drunk.
This photo isn’t blurry, you’re just still drunk.

What a Race!

Father Time, official race timer.

The WAR ENSEMBLE NEW YEAR’S ROCKIN’ EVE BALL DROP HORRORSCOPE Race turned the Tour de Ski on its head.  Baby New Year handed out many time bonuses that moved and shook the TdS standing.

Stock photo of the Incursion of Fury Incurring Fury.

Chris “Hand of Doom” Rose went off the front while Stan “Enigma of Uncertainty” Hatch dueled with Jim “Harvester of Sorrow” Kobak around the War Ensemble Course.  Rose coasted to the fastest ski time, and Kobak edged Hatch in a sprint for silver.  But when the Ball Dropped, it dropped HARD!  Stan received 5 minutes of New Year’s Resolution Bonus time and catapulted to the victory!

WAR ENSEMBLE NEW YEAR’S ROCKIN’ EVE BALL DROP Final Results (name, Time – bonus =net)

1. Hatch 18:38 – 5:00 = 13:38
2. Rose 17:10 – 2:00 = 15:10
3. White 21:00 – 5:00 = 16:00
4. Kobak 18:34 – 2:00 = 16:34
5. Bailey 19:11 – 2:00 = 17:11
6. Prickett, C 22:00 – 3:00 = 19:00
7. Lis, Ed 19:05 – 0:00 = 19:05
7. Korz, J 19:05 – 0:00 = 19:05
9. Prickett, K 21:15 – 2:00 = 19:15
10. Beattie (classic) 24:17 – 2:00 = 22:17
11. Findlay ?:??

Your current Tour leader… but we’re only half-way!

At the Halfway point of the Tour, Janet Findlay has taken over the lead.  But expect more tumultuous excitement as the Tour continues with the GAUNTLET Relay today (1/1).  Skiers will be paired and race 6 alternating laps over a 1.666 km course with Huge VHCS Points being awarded for their efforts.  Meet up at Gauntlet Stadium at HIGH NOON to ski over to New JetLife Gauntlet Stadium for the race.

Peru Nordic Tour De Ski Standings through HORRORSCOPE (Unofficial)

Findlay, Janet 55.04
Rose, Chris 53.75
Kobak, Jim 50.52
White, Brian 48.89
Prickett, Connie 46.36
Wei, Heike 45.53
Wei, Andy 43.53
Lis, Ed 42.64
Ma Mo 41.99
Zullo, Amanda 40.01
Bombard, Scott 38.64
Beattie, Chris 35.83
Minde, Peter 34.38
Bailey, Steve 33.97
Taptick, Tappy 32.72
Korzinecki, Lisa 29.82
Maswick, Bob 28.87
Hatch, Stan 20.86
Korzinecki, Joe 20.32
Prickett, Kevin 19.33
Hunter, David 15.66
Woody, Nate 15.32
Daley, Mike 12.76
Remember, skiing or hiking or just about anything will earn you some sweeeeeet mysterious VHCS points.

The Tour Marches on and remember, any effort during the tour will earn you mysterious VHCS Points. So be sure to continue to get out and rip it up and make sure to enter your results at this link.

A. 12/28/14 FEEL THE FIRE: Take part in the Ski-O Try-it race at Mt Van Ho.

B. 12/29/14 TAKING OVER Do a 4 km TT at Mt. Van Hoevenberg or equivalent

C. 12/30/14 UNDER THE INFLUENCE Go for a long over-distance ski, at least 2 hours

D. 12/31/14 HORRORSCOPE Do the WAR ENSEMBLE New’ Years’ Eve Freestyle Race at Gauntlet stadium. 4 pm.

E. 1 /1/15 THE KILLING KIND The Gauntlet Relay 6 x 1.666 km freestyle Mount Van Ho * VHCS points race 12 noon start

F. 1/2/15 IRONBOUND Go for a long over-distance ski, at least 2 hours, use the opposite technique from UNDER THE INFLUENCE

G. 1/3/15 ELECTRIC RATTLESNAKE Do a “Vegard’s” workout or equivalent… three intervals of increasing length… 3 min, 5 min, 10 min.

H. 1/4/15 WHITE DEVIL ARMORY… Tour de Ski Cutthroat Biathlon World Championship Finale at Mount Van Ho, Freestyle… 11 am.


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