FEEL THE FIRE… Peru Nordic Tour de Ski Opens with Thrashing SKI-O Insanity!

Ma Mo checking in at a control… Orienteering her way to an early Tour de Ski lead!

The annual Peru Nordic Tour de Ski opened yesterday with the first ever Peru Nordic SKI-O Competition hosted by the Adirondack Orienteering Club and Peru Nordic’s own Janet Findlay and David Hunter.

Tappy finally finds mysterious control #666

Many Noridques skied and destroyed and thrashed and shredded and moshed through the woods looking for the controls hidden over the trails of Mt Van Hoevenberg.  Most participants (ok, all except for one who couldn’t find the first control and got cold) thoroughly enjoyed the Ski-O experience.  Thanks again to Dave and Janet for putting this on!

Artist’s depiction of the Hand of Doom being rescued from the cold at the first control.

Skiers who couldn’t make the Ski-O event, but were able to get in an “equivalent effort” were also awarded points by the mysterious VHCS Supercomputer.  Remember, to participate in the Tour de ski make sure to enter your details at this link.

Tour De Ski Stage One: FEEL THE FIRE (Unofficial Results)
Ma Mo 22.66
Korzinecki, Lisa 18.16
Rose, Chris 17.46
Taptick, Tappy 17.36
Findlay, Janet 16.76
Kobak, Jim 16.26
Zullo, Amanda 16.16
Lis, Ed 16.16
Beattie, Chris 15.76
Hunter, David 15.66
Wei, Heike 14.66
Minde, Peter 14.66
White, Brian 13.76
Wei, Andy 13.16
Daley, Mike 12.76


The Tour de ski continues today (Monday 12/29) with a 4 km TT in the technique or course of your choice (or equivalent workout). The remaining TdS Schedule is below!

A. 12/28/14 FEEL THE FIRE: Take part in the Ski-O Try-it race at Mt Van Ho.

B. 12/29/14 TAKING OVER Do a 4 km TT at Mt. Van Hoevenberg or equivalent

C. 12/30/14 UNDER THE INFLUENCE Go for a long over-distance ski, at least 2 hours

D. 12/31/14 HORRORSCOPE Do the WAR ENSEMBLE New’ Years’ Eve Freestyle Race at Gauntlet stadium. 4 pm.

E. 1 /1/15 THE KILLING KIND The Gauntlet Relay 6 x 1.5 km freestyle Mount Van Ho * VHCS points race 12 noon start

F. 1/2/15 IRONBOUND Go for a long over-distance ski, at least 2 hours, use the opposite technique from UNDER THE INFLUENCE

G. 1/3/15 ELECTRIC RATTLESNAKE Do a “Vegard’s” workout or equivalent… three intervals of increasing length… 3 min, 5 min, 10 min.

H. 1/4/15 WHITE DEVIL ARMORY… Tour de Ski Cutthroat Biathlon Finale at Mount Van Ho, Freestyle… 11 am.






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