December Devastation… VHCS Holiday round-up!

Incredible December conditions have been the norm… hope they last because we don’t want to make Ma Mo angry… you wouldn’t like her when she’s angry!

What a December it has been!  Although Xmas Eve has brought rain and some warming temps,  this year’s darkest month has been one of the brightest for skiing in many moons.  Hail Lucifer, Bringer of Light!

Season’s Greetings!

The GOAT is happily monitoring the deep woods from her temple high upon the hills of the Porter Loops and has been pleased with the many visits she has received already this Winter.

The GOAT is pleased!

The Peru Nordic Viking Helmet Championship Series has been raging since the beginning of the month.  And Chris “Hand of Doom” Rose has been dominant, winning 3 of the six VHCS events held so far this month.  (check the sidebar of this page for the current VHCS Standings) –>

The Hand of Doom: Unstoppable thus far!

Rose kicked off the season on Rollerskis at Point Au Roche with a solid win in the VHCS Season Opener on Dec 3.   Then, he followed it up the next week with a win in classic technique in the WAR ENSEMBLE Snowmageddon race.  Rose entered the holiday season with a convincing win in the WAR ENSEMBLE Stocking Stuffer race on Dec 23.

“Read my bun, no new waxes!”

Although Rose had a great performance,  his streak of VHCS victories was broken by Bob Maswick in the WAR ENSEMBLE Wright Bros. Race on Dec 17.  Rose had two good laps, and a quality airplane flight, but Maswick’s aeronautic ingenuity and savvy politicking helped him pull out the win!

Moffett celebrates his Evil Empire of Fantasy Football win!

Rose’s only blight was his performance in the Evil Empire of Fantasy Football.  Rose’s Team (Hanneman’s Ghost) finished second to last, surrendering massive VHCS Points to Tom Moffet (Dee Snyder’s Mane) who won the league.

this way to more skiing


The Holidays may be here, and it’s a little rainy and dreary now, but December’s not over and the annual Peru Nordic Tour de Ski is set to rage on December 28.  This week-long celebration of Nordic Skiing and Racing pays tribute to the Legends of Thrash metal, OVERKILL!! Plan to take part in the Tour de Ski and be sure you come to SHRED!

Tour de Ski… Beginning 12/28… Stay tuned for details.

Until then, have a happy holiday and enjoy this timeless Xmas classic:


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