Peru Nordic’s Annual BEST IN METAL Post 2014!

Skiing is Hard

Metal is Hard

Skiing is METAL!!!


Photo on 11-23-14 at 7.41 PM
The Editors hard at work…. F’n METAL!!!

Each December, the editors at Windbriefs comb through all of the METAL releases from the calendar year.  After hours of study and debate, the Skitanic Beerserkers produce a list of the top 11 essential METAL album releases from the year.  Nordiques are encouraged to listen to and buy these albums and support quality METAL that drives the inner engine of the EVIL EMPIRE!  Put this in your iPod and you’re guaranteed to ski faster!!! SKI AND DESTROY!!! MEMFOS!

PERU NORDIC: None More METALLER! BEST OF 2014 List of Death

11.  SKITANICA:  Something Metal This Way Comes…

One of Nordic Skiing’s loudest bands returns with their first official full-length album (available for streaming/download here).  Skitanica is kind of a poorly produced crossover/thrash/traditional one-man metal band that has great songs, but incredibly poor production… Killer Skitanic tracks include: Sharktopus… Unleashed, Circle of Doom, Thrash Gordon: Savior of the Universe and Blood Dope.

10.  Enabler: La Fin du Monde

This is a really crusty thrash/crossover effort that sounds great and feels otherworldly at times.  It feels to me like artsy thrash metal… can there be such a thing?  Check out their Bandcamp page. Best Tracks:  Close My Eyes, New Life, Sickened by the Wake, Consequence

9.  Striker: City of Gold

Straight up METAL!!! This is just metal being metal for metal’s sake.  Just a fun collection of rockin’ thrashin’ head bangin’ tunes.  Oh, and the most over the top awesomest video ever  Best tracks:  City of Gold, Start Again, Bad Decisions,  Fuck Volcanoes, 2 minutes to midnight (a great Maiden cover)  Buy it at Amazon

8.  Goatwhore: Constricting Rage of the Merciless

Blackened Death Thrash of Death.  Goatwhore puts out consistently evil, crusty, thrashy stuff that is evil.   Plus, I think there is no other band that squeezes more words into songs than Goatwhore, maybe Carcass?.  Best Tracks: Bearing Teeth for Revolt, Fbs, Reanimated Sacrifice, Nocturnal Conjuration of the Accursed.  Pick it up here.

7.  Nervosa: Victim of Yourself

Great Thrash Metal with a three-some of Brazillian Women.  This is really good and the chicks in Nervosa totally rip it up.  Hope they make it to the States, or upta Montreal for a show someday. Best Tracks: Wake Up and Fight, Deep Misery, Death!, Into Moshpit.  Pick it up for yourself

6.  Machine Head:  Bloodstone and Diamonds

I absolutely loved The Blackening.  It is possibly one of the great records of all time.  Machine Head has the unenviable task of trying to live up to that standard.  This album is no Blackening, and at first I didn’t think it was anything special.  But it is heavy and catchy and epic and groovy and thrashy and epic.  And as I kept listening to it, I liked it more and more and more… it really grew on me.  There’s just something really cool about the Machine Head sound, maybe it’s all the pinch harmonics and squealies.  Best Tracks:  Now We Die, Ghosts Will Haunt My Bones, Beneath the Silt, Game Over. Get it, yo!

5.  Savage Messiah: The Fateful Dark

Power Metal!!! Thrash Metal!!! Over the top Power-Thrash!!! Some great Metal from the UK.  Cheerio!  Best Tracks:  Cross of Babylon, Hellblazer, Zero Hour,  The Cursed Earth  Check it out.

4.  Revocation: Deathless

Technical!… Death!…Thrash!….Jazz?.  Revocation make really complex death thrash metal tunes that are also catchy.  With each release they seem to outdo themselves with creative, intricate riffs.  Yet, unlike most “technical death metal” bands, they always manage to keep my interest.  The complexity of the music doesn’t get bogged down and become unlistenable like some of their peers.  This is a killer release.  Best Tracks:  A Debt Owed to the Grave, Deathless, Scorched Earth Policy, Witch Trials.  Check this shit out.

3.  Exodus: Blood In, Blood Out

Zetro’s Back!!!  I would have put Hatriot’s effort on this list, but, man, this is Fuckin’ EXODUS!!!  Having Zetro back in the band has brought them back to the classic sound of the glory days… and this album is just as strong as the heyday classics like Pleasures of the Flesh, Fabulous Disaster and Impact is Imminent.  Had the pleasure of seeing one of Zetro’s first reunited Exodus gigs at Heavy MTL and they totally slayed (Gary Holt inspired pun intended)!   I liked Rob Dukes and the recent Exodus stuff, but Zetro is better, and hey, that’s the Exodus sound I grew up on! (I’m an old man). They opened for Slayer at the Armory in Albany this November, and it was like the late ’80s all over again…. They “made Paul Baloff proud!!!”.. Best Tracks:  Blood In, Blood Out, Salt the Wound, BTK, Body Harvest.  Don’t be a wuss, get it now!

2.  Behemoth: The Satanist

This album came out early in the year and blew me away.  I can’t stop listening to it.  It is insanely, marvelously, frighteningly brutal.  It is black/death metal with intense brutality, but at the same time hauntingly beautiful.  This is an overwhelmingly powerful release.  Truly a masterpiece.   Best Tracks:  Blow Your Trumpets Gabriel, Ora Pro Nobus Lucifer, The Satanist, O’ Father O’ Satan O’ Son.  Get it now!

1.  OVERKILL: White Devil Armory

Sweeeeet Mutha F*ckin’ Home New Jersey!… Yep, I’m a Jersey kid and grew up with these guys… Overkil never, ever, ever, never, ever disappoints!!!  This album is GREAT!   They came to SHRED!!!!  Overkill just keep it going…. There’s been something like 17 albums from these dudes and never a clunker.  Saw them do a killer set at Heavy Montreal and the grizzled old mofos still bring it!  Best Tracks:  Armorist, Bitter Pill, PIG, King of the Rat Bastards  GET IT AND WRECK YOUR NECK!!!

Photo on 12-14-14 at 8.04 AM #3
#1 with a Bullet! ARMORY! ARMORY! GDMF! King of the Rat Bastards!



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