Game On! Peru Nordic Wreaks Havoc at NYSEF Season Opener!

Janet rips into the finish! A big win for Peru Nordic!

Peru Nordic captured the overall Men’s and Women’s races at the annual NYSEF Season Opener at Mt Van Hoevenberg.  Paul “Pallbearer of Panic” Allison and Janet “Banshee of Bedlam” Findlay each won their races and led a strong contingent of Peru Nordiques at the opening race of the NYSSRA Season.

Ed Lis brings it home… to say conditions are good is an understatement!

Racers were treated to awesome mid-winter conditions as they raced around two laps of the recently homologated Ladies’ 5 course.

Strong skiing from these folks, yo!

Peru Nordic had a large field of skiers who put in some strong results including age-class wins in the SRM (Paul Allison), M3M (Chris Rose), M4M (Jim Kobak), M5M (Stan Hatch), M7M (Dave F’n Burt), M8M (Chris Beattie), and M2F (Amanda Zullo), M3F (Connie Prickett), M6F (Janet Findlay)

Men’s Race: Results

The next NYSSRA Race is the Wilkinson Cup #1 Osceola Pie Race next weekend, Dec 21 in Tug Hill.  This race is pretty far away for most Peruvians, but hopefully a contingent will be able to show up to SKI and Destroy!!  On Dec 28, the NYSSRA Season rolls into Saratoga Biathlon Club for the ADK Vauhti Duathlon… Expect a big showing of Nordiques at that one for sure!

The Battleaxe of Aggression will be at the Wednesday WAR ENSEMBLE…. Will You?

Don’t forget, the Wednesday WAR ENSEMBLE marches on… this week is a skating race… 4pm Gauntlet Stadium: BE THERE!!


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