Peru Nordic overindulges on wild Octoberfest weekend of Racing

Race… Race… Race… Ski season is coming fast!

The Peru Nordiques lived up to their mantra of “race 10 days a week” this past weekend, racking up four killer races in four days.

Battle on the Asphalt… TERRORSTORM at Point Au Roche!

On Friday the regulars gathered for the weekly TERRORSTORM rollerski time-trial at Point Au Roche.  Chris Rose dominated the classic division, while Steve Bailey edged Brian White for the win in the skate race.  Don’t forget to join the Nordiques each Friday at 5 pm for some hot rollerski action on the infamous Tritone Diabolus rollerski course at Point Au Roche.

BARASU Champion!

Saturday saw the maiden running of the soon to be classic BARASU Mountain Running Race.  This 11 mile mountain running race is put on by the same folks that bring you the Patch Sprint each Spring, and proceeds are donated to the Adirondack Scholarship Foundation which provides opportunities for kids to attend Summer camp.

Fiegl duels with Moffett in the Inaugural BARASU

BARASU was won by Peru Nordic’s Jason “Willbury of Woe” Fiegl.  Jason led a strong field of Peruvians including Jim Kobak, Tom Moffett and Mike Taptick.  This is a great event, and is one you should put on your calendar for next season.  You can read all about the BARASU at this link.

MTB and Destroy!

On Sunday the ChasmRiders wrapped up their season with the 2x2x2 race.  Racers did 2 laps of each race loop, in any order they chose.  Chris Rose was the big winner, winning the race and capturing the title of “King of the Chasm” for the second consecutive year.  If you didn’t get a chance, make sure to come out to a ChasmRiders event next Summer… It’s great nordic ski training and a total blast!

Yes… it’s that steep!

Finally, on Monday, the Peru Nordic Masters took part in the annual ANGEL OF DEATH: CONQUEST of the Americas rollerski race.  The 10 km course finishes atop the grueling 20% grade climb of the Hill of Death in Peru.  In Columbian genocidal fashion, there was tremendous suffering and unspeakable cruelty forced upon the participants as they raced to the summit.  Jim Kobak managed to survive the bloodshed and “won” the day atop the Hill of Death.

Rancid Angel of Death Flying Free…

The upcoming season will feature new threads for the Peru Nordic Masters… Looks like there will be Ski Suits, Vests, Hats and Headbands made… stay tuned for ordering details here on Windbriefs and on facebook

Preliminary mock-ups of the upcoming Peru Nordic Ski and Destroy threads… stay tuned for ordering information!

Winter is fast approaching, and the final tune-up, the SUFFERFEST, is set for Nov 2 on Prospect Mt in Lake George… Hope to see you there.  Ski and Destroy!!!


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