Hand of Doom’s Iron Maiden Xterra Dominance… Rollerski Armageddon in Full Force… Sufferfest set for Nov 2

Chris “Hand of Doom” Rose obliterated all comers in the annual World Series of Iron Maiden XTerra.  This event, a spin-off of the Summer classic, Iron Maiden Triathlon, challenges competitors to 3 days of hard racing and extreme ” Toss-Across” bean-bag tossing.

X’s are good… O’s are better!
World Series of IMX Race Director, Tom Moffett, explains the rules for the World Series of IMX.

Day 1 featured a two stage Rollerski Event on the infamous Tritone Diabolus Rollerski course at Point Au Roche State Park.  Rose blasted away the field in the 1 km prologue,  which allowed him to go off the front for the 5 km freestyle pursuit.  Jim “Harvester of Sorrow” Kobak finished second, and Tom Moffett made a strong effort to overtake Brian “BattleAxe of Agression” White in the pursuit race.  Rose threw his “Toss Across” beanbags well enough to hold on to the overall lead after day one.

IMX… Awesome Fall Foliage in abundance!!!

Day 2 had competitors race up PokoMoonshine Mountain in the rain.  The brutal 1.3 mile ascent rises up over 1400′.  Again, Rose won the day, outpacing Tom Moffett and Katie Moffett.   And, again, Rose was killer in the Toss-Across beanbag throwing portion of the race.

IMX Stage 3… MTB!

Day 3’s showdown took place on the singletrack of the Ausable Chasm Recreation Center’s ChasmRiders race series.  Rose easily cruised to victory, leaving Kobak in second and Marque “Marquis of Malevolence” Moffett with the bronze medal.  Rose threw some more X’s and O’s to win the overall World Series of IRON MAIDEN XTERRA World Championship.

The Champ celebrates Sweeeeet Victory (tastes like acrid smoke and horse’s breath as you plunge on into certain death!)

The World Series of IMX is just one of many events on the Peru Nordic Rollerski Armageddon calendar.  Every Friday through October, the nordiques meet at Point Au Roche for the weekly TERRORSTORM 6.66 km Time Trial on the Tritone Diabolus Course.

If you come out to the TERRORSTORM on Friday Oct 31, you can take part in the annual Carnival of Sins Rollerski Carnival which will test your rollerskiing, frisbee and bean-bag tossing skills for sure.

The Rollerski Armageddon Finale is the annual SUFFERFEST race up Prospect Mt in Lake George.  The date for the event is Sunday Nov 2 with an 11 am start.

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