Liz Stephen Leads Peru Nordic’s Full-Throttle Assault on Whiteface Mt.

The Castle has been terrorstormed!!!  Peru Nordic sent some of it’s heaviest hitters to the annual NYSEF Climb to the Castle Uphill Rollerski Race on Whiteface Mt.  The crew battled through strong Sharknado-force winds,  heavy fog and a surprising lack of new pavement.

Liz leads the pack… She is just freakin’ Awesome!

Peru Nordic was inspired by it’s adopted valkyrie, Liz “Mountain of Goats” Stephen, who was far and away the fastest woman in the field and pretty much demolished all of the elite men, too.  Liz set a new women’s course record and is just freakin’ awesome!

Rose pumps his fist in celebration of his strong finish just before the start of the race.

Riding the wave of Liz’s great skiing, Chris “Hand of Doom” Rose charged up the hill, sitting behind many junior skiers to break the blustery headwind.  Rose managed to finish as the 4th fastest master, and won a t-shirt!  Following Rose was Jim “Harvester of Sorrow” Kobak who was the 5th fastest master and was especially pleased to make it on to the first page of the results.  Equally impressed with the effort was US Ski Team Head Coach/Peru Nordic Honorary Coach, Matt “Shout of Devil” Whitcomb, “… those guys were about as fluid and nimble skiing the last 100 meters as Mick Mars moving around on stage at the Crüe concert.  Those Peru Nordic guys are like the Alice Coopers of Nordic ski racing.”

Kogut grinds it out to the finish… welcome to old age!!!

Brian “Battleaxe of Aggression” White and Peter “Jotunn of Jersey” Minde also had strong races in the wind and heavy fog.  While former Nordique, Keith Kogut, celebrating his 30th birthday and his baptism into Masterhood, had an unfortunate wheel-doping/ ski -explosion incident.  Left at the start with no skis to race on, he managed to scrounge up a pair of extra-extra-slow training skis and crawled to the summit.

Whitcomb, Minde and Stephen… The Evil Empire Stormed the Castle!

And a good time was had by all!  Ski and Destroy!!!


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