Peru Nordic’s Aaron Newell and Patty Hurlburt Win 2014 Patch Sprint

Newell… The New Champ!!!

Everyone knew there was going to be an epic duel at the head of the Patch Sprint field.  Defending champ, Jan Wellford, was in top form and there was a bevy of thoroughbreds lined up, ready to knock him off.  One by one the field fell behind Jan, but one man was able to hang with the champ…. Aaron Newell.  Aaron stuck with Jan right up to the base of Poko where he made his brave attack.  It paid off and Aaron won the “Janny” while setting a new course record (2:01:09).

Patty on the way to Rattlesnake… and a women’s championship.

In the women’s race another battle raged between Peru Nordic’s Tyra Wynn and Patty Hurlburt.  The two switched positions a few times early in the race, then Patty hit her stride on the long road between Rattlesnake and Sugarloaf Mountain.  She also was sure to save enough for the final ascent of Poko.  Patty held off Tyra for her first Patch Sprint World Championship Title (2:37:00)



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