There’s only one week until the World’s greatest non-skiing race, the annual Patch Sprint.

The course elevation profile… Bare, Rattlesnake, Sugarloaf and POKO!

The Patch Sprint is a trail-running/mountain-running race in Willsboro NY that traverses the 4 Poko Patch Peaks, Bare Mt, Rattlesnake Mt, Sugarloaf Mt and finishes atop Pokomoonshine Mt.  The event is a fundraiser for the Adirondack Scholarship Foundation which sends kids to Summer Camp in the Adks, including the host camp, Poko-MacCready Camps in Willsboro.

Peru Nordic’s Jan “Wheels of Steel” Wellford… ready to defend his Patch Sprint World Championship!

Peru Nordic has some top guns vying for the overall Patch Sprint World Championships… which is now only one week away!  Participants are urged to download and carry official race maps with them on the course.  The course is crudely marked, and many racers have gotten “misplaced” en route over the years.  Newbies, especially, should study the route and carry a map…or try to stay with Jan Wellford who knows the way.

RUN- TAILGATE!… The BEAST way to train!

To get ready for PS2014, the Peru Nordiques have been joining in the BEAST training events each Tuesday night.  The final tune-up for the big race will happen this Tuesday 5/20 at 5pm at the lower Poko Trailhead.  Participants will run to the upper trailhead (PS2014 course) and blast the 1200 vertical feet to the summit.  Then we will run down the observers trail back to the lower trailhead…. tailgating and Gittler Graduation/Montreal Canadiens Pep Rally to follow.


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