Happy Mother’s Day from Peru Nordic:

Some interesting Mother’s Day facts:

5. Elephant Moms go through 22 months of pregnancy, then give birth to a 200+ pound baby!

4. The African Black Eagle is a Brutal Mom who plays favorites, She usually lays two eggs, but will feed only one.  The fed chick, once it is strong enough, will peck its sibling to death.  All the while Mom looks on… seemingly enjoying the carnage! 

3.  Motherhood may actually increase athletic performance in endurance athletes.  It is believed that recent moms experience changes in reproductive hormone levels which actually aid in water retention,  reduce muscle soreness and even offset fatigue.

2.  The Iroquois were a matriarchal society, with mothers held in high esteem.  Because they were seen as “life-givers,” tribal mothers held power roles, including the appointing of cheifs and the torturing of captured enemies.

1.   Mitochondrial DNA is inherited almost exclusively from your Mother.  Therefore your ability to make ATP is mostly determined by Mom…  So if you SKI AND DESTROY, you’ve got Mom to thank!



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