Snow’s Gone… Time for The Patch Sprint and MTB Racing! Buy a bike kit while you’re at it!

not quite time for this… but soon!

Well, the snow is gone… but all good Peru Nordiques know that racing season never ends!

Keep training and racing up to 11 with the BEAST and the ChasmRiders racing seasons.

BEAST animated classics!!!

The BEAST meets every Tuesday at 5 pm at the 1812 Homestead to run/hike portioins of the Patch Sprint race course.  This year’s theme is “Animated Classics” and racers will gather after each Tuesday run for a potluck dinner based on a certain animated classic.  Charlotte’s Web was a big hit, and the series continues on April 22 with “Alice in Wonderland.”  Racers will rush up Bare Mt, then sprint to the Homestead… Tea Party to follow!


The CHASMRIDERS mountainbike race series has been announced!  Every Sunday from June to October will feature a training race at Ausable Chasm.  There is a Super Series of six events sponsored by Maui North Bike Shop.  Make sure to come upta the Chasm for the Super Series Sundays. June 1 (Season Opener), June 22 (The World Famous Chasm Chaos Race), July 20 (The Three Hour Race), August 17 (The infamous disc golf biathlon), September 14 (run-bike duathlon), October 12 (Season Finale and ChasmRiders World Championship).. Post-race potluck picnics to follow each of the Super Sunday races!  Follow ChasmRiders on Facebook!

Bike jerseys and bib shorts… Featuring Skulls, Blood and the Thrash Bats!

To get ready for the MTB Season, purchase a Peru Nordic Bike Racing Kit.  Pre-order available at  (password “perunordicbike”)


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